Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm updating Miss Russell!!

Gggrrrr.... I have just lost this all AGAIN!! Tried to insert a link with the icon above, and then everytime I clicked on ANYTHING it brought up the link window again - blogger is peeeeeving me off right now!!

OK, so yep, thought I'd take advantage of morning hours to update, just like you said Ali! Not sure what I'll have time to do before the little one wakes (other one is in front of the TV right now) but I'll go for some LOs first.

These are two I've done for the SAM Scrap52 challenge WITH Elsie Flannigan. Yep, she's actually popping in from time to time, commenting on LOs maybe, and I guess helping to judge at the end of the 6 months. I'm not sure how I'll go with it, as its a big committment of 2 layouts each and every week, but we'll see, I'mm give it a whirl.

Challenge #1 was to use the combo of blue, orange and brown. Here's my attempt:

Challenge #2 was to use journalling strips to include a quote on our LO. I found on on 2peas just in time!! I really like this LO actually - loving these Crate papers - I think blue, green and white is my fave colour combo at the moment (and esp good with two boys!)

And I've just had a little play in PS with making a photo gathering - thanks Jas... and I *think* I may have got it... needs a lot more fine-tuning - measurements to make them fit better, but that's ok, I'll do that when I have more time... now I just hope it will upload here....

This is a little handbag album I made for my Mum:

And one almost-the-same for my sisters 18th b'day which was yesterday! Happy B'day Shanny! Love you, and miss you loooottttssssss!!!!!

Well that's all taken me a couple of hours, so I'll sign off now. Gotta get ready to go the Rozzy's for the night tonight. Really looking forward to seeing you girl!!

Will update with some pics from our mini-holiday when I get back!


lusi said...

Oh natti these layouts and albums are just BEAUTIFUL! I ADORE them! The lo of Greg and Eli is my fav - love the pp you've chosen and the simple elegance of it. WOWSERS just lovely all of them Nat!
Have fun at Rozzy's too hey :)
Lus x

Nat-Mardon said...

Hey Lus - would you beleive the blue and orange pp is Crafty Kids!! lol. Thanks for the comments babe :)

Shazz said...

love your LOs and your other albums nat. just too cute.
have a great visit with roz and clint - travel safely


Tam said...

WOW - you're on fire, mate!! Love that stuff! I'm enjoying the scrap52 challenges, but a bit scared about doing 2 layouts a week for 26 weeks...

Have an awesome weekend, chicken!

Roz said...

oh Nattie, I SO love seeing your LO"s!!! And I will be SO loving seeing you later on today!! yippeeee!!

Ali said...

ok ok...I was hassling Nat and Sal to update their blogs...I didn't think you would take me else

Thos layouts are AWESOME..Love them Nat! and the Handbag album doo-va-lacky thing is so cute,...thinking you need to teach me how to do that!!!
Hope you have a fab time with Rozzy....
Chat soon
Lot of love
ali x x

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh WOW!! Each and every one of those projects are awesome!! I just love the father-son photo in that first layout and everything else is just perfect too! Thanks for sharing!!

lusi said...

Lol Nat! I know - recognised the swirls and the circle pp - I have them on a lo about elijah's first hair cut!!!
Soul sistas for ya!
You rock :)
Lus x

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

These are all fabulous, your so clever. Thanks for sharing Nat, great to see what you have been making. I love all your photos.

Have a fun week end:)

Jasmine said...

Very cool Nat!!! Glad you worked out the photo "gathering". It's going to take me a bit of practice too - I actually have to sit down and *think* about the measurements :o !!! LOL.

Love all your layouts - my fave here is the one of Greg & Eli, what a precious moment. Those handbag albums are fab, I want to make some now!

Have a great time with Roz :)

Nic Wood said...

Yummo Nattie! Those albums are gorgeous ( could you pretty please email me some instructions on how to make them when you get home!)

Love your LOs too. I think I might have missed the deadline already on the first SAM LOs oops!

Have a wonderful trip away - stay safe.

Nic xxx

Lozzy said...

OMG those layout and photo handbags are absolutely fantastic...

have a nice holiday

Muz and Gayle said...

and Nat...when you are emailing Nic some instructions for hte handbad, can you send me a copy too!! They are amazing.
Loving your go girl!

Mel said...

Nattie, your LOs are just so yummy - I'm really loving your style right now... keep it up!
Those little albums are really cute too!

Mel x