Sunday, October 08, 2006

A beautiful afternoon

Aren't weddings just gorgeous!

I went to my school friend Erinna's wedding yesterday (or Saturday, not sure if this post will date as Sunday or Wednesday??). Just beautiful. And its all that more special when you've known each other a long time - we've been friends for about 10 years I think, since grade 9 in highschool, and our group of 7 girls have kept in contact ever since.

Erinna made a BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING bride, and they are such a beautiful couple. Erinna had her eye on this boy in grade 8 in school, and their paths crossed again in uni and they've been together ever since - 5 years.

Anyway, here are some pics from the day. I really must get around to scrapping these, what a special day!

*Even if we were late and missed her walking down the aisle... I was there *just* in time to compose myself before I had to do a reading...

Yep, so the 7 of us have been friends for at least 10 years (some of them even went to primary school together). We probably see each other every few months, and I think this may even be one of the last times we're all together, as the blondie (Katrina) is heading for a working holiday in UK in Dec, and I think Mel (tall, far left) will follow shortly after... so who knows when we all get together again...

Got these two *gorgeous* ones of Greg and I... I love em... well they are good of me anyways, that's what matters, right?? hee hee

Well I *was* going to put up some more pics, but it appears that blogger doesn't want to let me (again!!)

So anyways, other things....

YES!! School is back!! Waaaahhooooooo! Some time to catch up, recollect my thought and find my sanity (I'm sure its around here somewhere!). I even almost got the whole house tidy today..... well maybe tomorrow hey..?

Greg is on a week and a half's holidays as of Thursday (well, by now that's tomorrow!!). And YAY, we are going away up the Sunshine Coast for 3 nights next week!!! NIIIIIIIICEEEEE.... and no Jaidyn too (he has to go to school so will stay with his grandparents)... we both really need the break, to get out of the house, and well hopefully it will just be super relaxing!! (Of course, we'll be taking the baby though, but still nice :)

Then, we're all going to stay down the coast with Roz and Clint next weekend (21/22) - can't WAIT to catch up with my dear girl and spend some quality time with her... just relaxing again (oh, and Rozzy, I need an eyebrow wax, can you fit me in?? hehe). I think Greg and I might take Jaidyn to play at King Tut's mini golf on the way down though - what fun - he'll just love it there with its themed courses.... cool stuff..

Hmmm, what else... dunno, but I tell ya, I've been busy!

Oh, caught up with my gorgeous friend Roxy today, whom I have also known for 10 years since early higschool.... had a lovely catch-up - couldn't believe its been 5 months since I saw her last! Of course she thought my little man was to die for gorgeous!

I picked up my sewing machine yesterday. A friend from our old church is moving to USA with her family so she offered her machine to me. Its a fairly old one, and I don't know how to use it or fix it or what-have-you to save my life, so I better start learning soon... I want to uuuuuse it!!

Well, that's enough of my ramlings for now I guess. Will fill in again possibly after we get back from our trip - maybe before if I have anything interesting to say!

God Bless, Nat

5 things that made me smile today:

1. A happy smile as soon as I walked into Eli's room this morning :)

2. A phone message from my beautiful friend Lusi - sorry missed your call gorgeous!

3. Getting my 'to do' list mostly all done

4. A yummo lasagne for dinner - home-made by me too!

5. Boys in bed - peace and quiet....


Roz said...

oh Nattie, beautiful pics of Erinna, and wow, you and Greg, hubba hubba lol!!

So looking forward to spending time with you guys, and yep, can do a brow wax lol!!

Cya soon!

Megan said...

Those wedding photos are gorgeous. And the photos of you and Greg are stunning. What a spunky couple you make. Have a great holiday. Enjoy the sun, each other and have fun!

Jasmine said...

Gorgeous pics Nat :) Hope you have a great break and feel totally refreshed!!!

Ali said...

Those pics are awesome!! I like the ones of you and sweet!
Hope you guys have a great time away, and I hope you get the R & R you need.
Chat soon
Ali~ Russell

Nic Wood said...

Beautiful pics Nat, she was a stunning bride. You and Greg dont look half bad either lOL

Enjoy your time away.

Nic xxx

Cheryl Wray said...

Gorgeous wedding pictures. What a beautiful bride--and such a fun pic of you and your friends!!
You and DH's pictures are great too--such a cute couple!!

lusi said...

Hi gorgeous girlie!
So lovely to catch-up on all that's been happening - i've been having nat-withdrawls!!! LOL!
Gorgeous shots of Erina and especially love those beautiful ones of you and Greg - you make a beautiful couple!
Have a blast on your break away - make the most of every moment!
Love to you all,
Lus x

Suse said...

Those pics of you and hubby are gorgeous Natti...had fun chatting last night.

Chrissy said...

Heya Nat love, aren't wedding just beautiful, so much love and commitment in the air, always makes me smile! :) You look super lovely sweetie and those pics of you and your darling boy are *gorgeous*!

Take care and hope you have fun at the coast, both up and down! Sounds wonderful to be having a break!
Love and big hugs
Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

hay natty!
sounds liek ur having a great time! those pictures of u and greggy are beuatifuL! ur really looking seexxaaay!
love u heaps fromt he other side of the world.
ur lil stister shanny