Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Been a while...

Well, its been a couple of weeks since I blogged. Been a bit busy chaotic around here, and then wasn't sure what to really blog about, so just didn't bother!

Week before Christmas craziness happening here. Have still got a fair bit of Christmas shopping to do - hopefully a bit today and the rest tomorrow. Still have Greg, Elijah, my two sisters, and grandparents to buy for. Usually just give the grandparents something photo-related, but I don't have my family photo yet, so not sure I'll be able to do anything there. (Deb, if you're reading, do you have time to email me that pic pretty please??)

School holidays have started well here. On Monday took Jaidyn to the movies with a girlfriend down the street and her 4 kids... was an interesting morning getting kids in and out of cars, forgetting Eli's bottle, so having to occupy him other ways till the movie finished. He was fairly well-behaved considering. We went to see 'Open Season'. Pretty good, but not high on my fave kids movies really. The kids all enjoyed it though - even Eli was quite enthralled by the big screen - he seems to like TV - must be just like his brother there...

Jai has a couple of sleep-overs at his grandparents this week, going to the airport to pick up my grandmother who will be down for Christmas, he's got a b'day party this morning and going to Vacation Care tomorrow to do some christmas cooking. He'll be exhausted by the weekend and hopefully I will have had enough time to myself to finish the christmas shopping!

Mum's been back in hospital again, but cam out yesterday. This time it was an infection (absys) which may have come up from the last op, but its all good now, and she's just gotta wait the time it all takes to heal now.

Am off to get my hair done this arvo. Definitely needs something before Christmas. Not sure if I'll get anything overly different though. Am trying a new girl at the salon - a friend of a friend who also has curly hair and says she does a good job, and she's much cheaper coz she's just finished her apprenticeship I think. So we'll see how she goes.... and hope it still looks decent! Oh, and some nice clean eyebrows too! Will be looking all smashing (well as much as possible) for my christmas photos.

Elijah is growing up so fast. He's well and truly getting around now. Not really crawling 'properly' yet, but he moves alright, especially if he's got his mind on reaching something in particular - usually something he shouldn't be into!
He is also starting to sit up this week. He's done this all on his own, so we're happy that he's starting, as everyone has been saying he's doing it all backwards - as long as he does it right! He does a lot of standing on his feet, well straightening his legs, when he's on all fours - sticking his cute little butt in the air, hehe... so cute!!

Well, will try to upload some pics later maybe. Don't have a lot, but a couple. Tried to take a photo shoot of the boys last week, which was mainly a flop. but hopefully I can get at least one half-decent one out of them...

Off to get showered and ready to take Jaidyn to his friend's party - and buy a gift on the way, oops...


lusi said...

Wow - he's sitting up?? Sooooo cute! And have fun with your grandmother coming down too. Busy busy busy you guys are hey! can't wait to see your new do and i bet you do look smashing!
Lots of love always,
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Wow Nat - nice to catch up on the happenings in the Mardon Family. Know what it feels like, it is such a busy time, and I haven't really finished my Christmas shopping yet either. We are now going out to Emerald to friends for Christmas, so need to organise extra to take. Should be a lot of fun though. Must take camera to gets lots of photos. You have a wonderful Christmas with all your family. Looking forward to catching up with you in the New Year