Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!!

A big Happy 26th Birthday to my man today!

Love this guy! And here's a few reasons why (I'll have to show him for extra brownie points too huh):

* He always says how much he loves me and says I'm beautiful. Always makes me feel good about myself :)

* He works very hard and very long hours to make money and take care of this family.

* He has a quirky sense of humour and makes me laugh.

* He loves his family and his kids and I know he does the best he knows how to do!

* Did I mention how hard he works for this family!? I really appreciate that!

* He loves the Lord and tries to serve him to the best of his abilities.

* He loves many of the same things I love doing - laughing, being with friends, playing games etc.

* He makes cute babies :D

* And most important of all, he has a CUTE BUTT. hee hee hee

Love you baby! Have a great day!!


Nic Wood said...

Happy Birthday Greg! Love reading your list Nat - its great to see peole thinking about the positives in their relationships and counting their blessings. Its so easy to focus on the things that drive us crazy about out our other halves and forget how truly blessed we really are that they are such loving husbands and fathers.

I was just catching up on a few posts - dont you ever let others make you doubt your success. You have a beautiful family, youve studied, and for now you have one of the most fufilling, rewarding and yet unappreciated jobs on the planet - being a SAHM. Always be proud of your achievements, even if they cant be measured in money and recognition - there are things that are so much more important!

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and that 2007 brings much happiness for you and your family.

Nic xxx

Allison said...

hee hee what a lovely tribute to your husband.....hee hee love tha last comment...sounds like something I would say about my husband which I know would embarress him greatly. Hope he has had a great birthday.

lusi said...

Happy belated birthday Greg! Sorry we missed it mate but hope you had a lovely time :)
Lus & Brett & the kids xxxxx