Thursday, December 28, 2006


Why does 'being successful' seem to depend on what job you have or how much money you make?
Or if you own a house or a nice car?
And how does/did the enemy make me feel like I'm not successful because I don't have these things? (nasty piece of work)

I was at my grandparents yesterday and Aunt and Uncle and Mum and Dad chatted about all us kids - and other cousins too -what we're doing with our lives etc. And somehow in it all, I started feeling that what I do and how I've chosen to have kids first and all that, well that its not as 'good' as maybe what my cousins are doing by having a good-paying job and buying houses etc.. don't you just love it how the devil seems to make us feel crap. don't worry, God got in my ear pretty quick and affirmed my life choices - ultimately because I have life in Him! - and it made me think why I AM successful!! So here goes:

I am successful because I finished a degree, while mostly a single mum, trying to support myself and my son!

I am successful because I moved out young and have supported myself and my son well.

I am successful because I have a great marriage.

I am successful because I have two great kids and I enjoy my time with them, and they fill my life with joy.

I am successful because I have deep friendships with people that care very much about me and my family.

I am successful because I have a ministry and I am a leader in my church.

I am successful because I have good relationships with my family members.

I am successful because I enjoy a hobby and do it well (when I do).

And most of all, I am successful because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, He lives inside me. He provides all my needs, and at the end of time, I will not be able to take my job, money, house with me to Heaven, but will be judged on the difference I made on earth in people and in the Kingdom of God, and hopefully I will hear my God say 'Well done, good and faithful servant'....

So there! I am successful! And mostly through Christ my Lord!


Megan said...

Good on you Nat. Know how you feel when people start talking about sucess. I started but never finished a uni degree. Now even though I have a full time job, a great marriage, my own home and all that, I still feel sometimes that I haven't been that sucessful in life cause I didn't finish uni.
Thanks for the perspective. Here's to remember what sucess really is! Hope you are feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is not the work of the devil, it is a human flaw and blaming it on the devil is not going to address your own insecurities. And that wasn't God in your ear it was your own sense of self worth counteracting your very human flaw.

Nat-Mardon said...

How very sad that someone has totally missed the point of my post.
I was not coming against people who have these things, but in fact saying that I am happy with my life how it is, and that I don't need these things to be 'successful'.

Anonymous said...

Nat - bless you, you are very very successful, I beleive that real success is in our relationships - with Christ, with our partners, with our families and with others around us cause they are the only eternal things. All else that we acquire can be lost in a blink of an eye - and I also think it is very sad that someone has missed the point too. Too many people put too much emphasis on acquiring things and possessions -

Karen (Scraper 25)

lusi said...

Hello darling friend,
You know that I've had those kind of comments aimed at me too about what makes a person 'successful' and hun you are spot on when you say you know where your value comes from. Being valued by the Most High God is an awesome experience isn't it. It's like the rest of the world could fade away...nothing matters more than being found in Jesus. Well said - I know you too have learned to be content in whatever the circumstance and that is not an easy thing to live...easy to say yes...but hard to do. Thanks Nat for your honesty and sharing your heart with us.
I too think its sad that your point was *missed* by the 2nd commenter and that they didn't feel they could post their name here.
Oh well, you know how much you are loved Nat!
Lus x

Anonymous said...


E xx

PS I got the swing from Target and kenna loves it. You can also get them from Big W, K Mart etc, most of the dep stores have them.

Merry Christmas sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you wouldn't just see the word 'jealousy' in my comment and not really understand what I was saying.
I was trying to say, don't give the credit to God for recorrecting your own self worth as you did it all by yourself. Congratulations.

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh no, I'm sorry, but I happily give ALL credit to God for everything in my life for He made me and He guides me in ALL THINGS! For giving Him credit I will never apologise. But thankyou for clearing that up.

Roz said...

Nattie, firstly, what you wrote is absolutely spot on! What other people view as 'success' is just that- 'their' view. It is hard sometimes not to succumb to 'expectations' around us. Thank the Lord that He is in your life!

Secondly, don't worry about anonymous commenters on your blog- they obviously don't know you, otherwise they would leave their name.

Love you xx

DenimAngel said...

Well said Nat, you ARE successful and for all the right reasons too.
God bless,

Chrissy said...

Heya Natti love! I don't know if it was almost losing my dad when I was just 21 but I learnt from very early on as a young adult that successful relationships with God, with our family and with ourselves and friends is way more important than any material success. Michael and I work very hard for what we have, I'm proud of being able to do that together, as a family, but none of it is worth more than the love in our lives.

You have your priorities right on the mark sweetie! Never doubt that! :-)

Love Chrissy xx

Katie Toland said...

Amen Sister!!! YOU are spot on. Thanks Nat, I needed to read that too :)

Lozzy said...

It seems you have hit the nail on the head..
i was feeling the same way as you the other day and came to the same conclusion..


Dianna said...

That is one excellant answer that more people need to be successful in.

Muz and Gayle said...

Awesome Nat. When it comes to Judgement Day, all the things that were not done to build the Kingdom will be burned up...I too pray God will say "well done, good and faithful servant".

Tam said...

ah, you rock, Nat. Thanks for brightening my blogging day :)