Saturday, March 31, 2007

Update your blog!!

Sorry, been a bit AWOL. Got to that stage when I've been busy, then its been too long between posts, and then it doesn't really seem like all the little things are that important anymore... so I guess I just didn't blog anything!

Thought I should. So here's a few snippets of whats been happening the last 2 weeks of my life.

Have been really busy (well my brain has been) with things for Kids Church. Thankfully I don't work full-time coz I would have booked myself into a mental hospital by now. I think I have finally got to that point of taking on too much. I'm a little burnt out, over it, exhausted.

Have had Sundae Arvo at church on Sunday gone. Our now bi-annually family outreach event. It went well, but can definitely say I'm glad its over for a little while again. I guess its not a heap of organisation, but when my mind is also on other things, I think just being in charge of an event wears me a little thin. My mind has defintely been chockas with stuff lately.

I think the good I've got out of being a little 'overwhelmed' with stuff is that God has certainly been showing me this week that its just too much for me to do. No, I don't work, but I do have 2 kids, one on the way, a house and a few hours work to juggle. Lately, I've been spending much of my time sitting at the computer, searching (biggest time waster), cutting, pasting and creating things for the kids. Yep, the kids are my passion, but if I do too much I won't have any zeal left for it. So I think its really about doing a great job of a couple of things (monthly family services, Hillz Kidz, Sundae Arvo) and not being in everything. Really just picking where God wants me right now - where my heart is and maybe just giving away the other parts. For now.

So anyway, other stuff....

Greg is still at home. No job yet. I think him being here *may* just contribute to my craziness too. I need 'my space' even if that is with a 10-month old at home. And I'm really not getting any 'my space' with Greg here. So I'm hoping he finds something SOON!! He's put in his application for the Australian Federal Police finally. This will be a looooong process though, so he'll be doing something in retail until that all goes through. So now its just getting some. He's registered with an agency, and they've got him onto one job so far. But I think our problem is going to be finding somewhere that pays anywhere near as well as Aldi. They really did pay well, so it seems in the retail world, but it wasn't worth the heart-ache that business! so yeah, he needs to be a bit more picky than normal maybe coz we still need to get enough to live on! thankfully we don't have a mortgage, don't know HOW we would survive then. But I do know whatever it is, we'll probably have to take a pay-cut, and therefore have to be a little more careful where the money is going now.

Pregnancy is going well. I think I'm 27 weeks now, or maybe its 28... got my second check-up at the Birth Centre the week after Easter. Getting a bit of heart-burn again, which is my worst symptom of pregnancy usually. Also getting really sore, achy feet of a night time. All day up and down on my feet I guess. Even not working much, I'm still always running around this place.

Got a bit of a yucky cold right now. yuck. Hate being sick. Got the whole sore heavy head, sore ears, yucky snotty nose, blah! Hope it clears up soon!

Greg and I have been filling much of our days in the last week or so watching episodes of Stargate Atlantis. We used to watch this a while ago when it was on TV here (and LOVED it!), but they only showed Season 1 I think, and we forgot to check when the rest came out in USA.. until Sal mentioned it to me, so we've downloaded all the episodes now... have just finished watching Season 2... good stuff.... and the new boy on the team is oh-so-fine (Ronin or Jason Momoa IRL).. great to have a bit of eye candy too...

Eli turned 10 months old. How did that happen? Gosh, he grows up far too fast. He's a terribly cheeky little monkey. And gets into EVERYTHING. Definintely have my work cut out for me with this one. Jaidyn was so placid and un-inquisitive in comparison. And I'm going to have to deal with Eli AND another baby very soon! Yep, I'll be in that mental hospital yet... Eli is doing lots of new things, I really should get onto that 10-month letter to go in the blog for future reference.... in a nutshell... He's getting closer to standing up on his own. He's stood a couple of times for a few seconds.... getting there... probably be walking before we know it really... He's really good at waving now, and its oh so cute. In the morning when I come in to get him out of bed, he waves. He waves at everyone when we first see them and I think he's starting to grasp waving goodbye too. So cute! ... The middle top two teeth have sprouted! He's still a little vampire boy but they'll grow in before too long... ummm what else.... oh I'm sure there's lots I've forgotten, oh well, update more about the little man later!

And speaking of teeth, Jaidyn finally has his first wigglers! Thing is though, he's had two wiggly teeth for a week or more now... he's too scared to give them a bit of a yank "in case it hurts".... sook.... so we have the whole 'tooth fairy debacle' to deal with too.

We are staying home for Easter this year. Which will be a little strange coz I think we've been away somewhere for the last 3 or 4 years. So nothing planned at all really. Will be a little strange just having the Sunday to ourselves. I think many people are off galavanting with family lunches etc, but we'll just be doing it by ourselves, nothing fancy. Having coffee with Mum, the sisters and the ring-ins that are staying with Mum at the moment (exchange student, and a friend of Shanny's who she went to Holland with)... Dad will be at basketball carnival which they always hold over Easter weekend.... We'll probably do a nice little easter egg hunt when we get home from church... will be cool to do it in our own backyard... so far we've done one the last 2 years at Toowoomba and one at the Bunya Mntns where we were with church families... and I never had egg hunts when I was a child so its still exciting for me.

But i'm also really conscious about keeping the focus on Christ. We are not having too many eggs this year. We'll be at church Good Friday and Easter Sunday, nad hopefully will do some little bible reading or some kind of fun family tradition of our own too maybe - not sure what I'd like to introduce yet though!!

Anyway, enough rambling I think. I've been so tired so early at night lately.. the cold may have something to do with it, or just being pregnant and not getting any day naps lately. So I think I'll just head off to bed!


Hayley said...

Thanks for the update, Natti, it's great to hear from you!

Don't be too hard on yourself for being tired and busy, i have NO IDEA how you cope with all you have going on. You are an amazing women, mother and wife :)

Have a wonderful Easter.

Jasmine said...

I agree with what Hayley said - you're amazing Nat :) I don't know how you do it all. Just make sure you get some rest and quiet time and take care of yourself chickie ;) I'm praying for you guys - especially that Greg will find a suitable job soon. The federal police would be great! It's so annoying that the whole process with govt jobs is so drawn out. Whatever happens you know God has it all in His hands and will look after you guys :) - Matt 6:25-34

Jas xoxo