Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Birth Centre and dinner with friends....

I had my first appointment at the Birth Centre yesterday. Wow, I was so impressed. Had never even walked in there before, and well it hardly felt like I was even in a hospital. Have a REALLY good feeling about it all, such a blessing that I got in! My midwife, Karen, showed me one of the rooms (so big, so nice!) and we had a chat about the birth centre etc. One thing I am a bit sad about though is that I'm too heavy (read FAT!) to use the bath during labour or for a water birth. Embarrasing yes. But I understand they need to have a limit in case they need to get me out in a hurry or something, and I'd be a dead weight for sure. So next time I'll be making sure I'm trim and taut before I get pregnant (if again, and let's see if we can actually 'plan' one this time) so I can experience that water birth I was kinda hoping for. But there's plenty of other options really - showers, using the birthing stool etc.
After my appointment, I had a look at all the photos, frames, cards etc on the walls of past 'clients'. It was so lovely to see all the happy families who had such wonderful experiences with the natural birthing ways of the Birth Centre. There were quite a few amazing photos too - of babies heads half-out etc - wow!! A little graphic but you don't really mind when its in the context. It gave me such a wonderful feeling about it all and I look forward to learning some more about the centre, about active birthing and really finding out what I WANT in my labour experience - and having a midwife that knows and cares about me!

Hails, thanks for reminding me I need to take some belly shots. DEFINITELY showing now and really should have taken my first ones a month ago probably! I will get Greg to take some for me when I'm dressed up tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I'm going out for dinner with some of the old WW blogger girls. FINALLY get to meet Brookie Chook and Jade who i've emailed with for a couple of years now. Get to see Deb again and meet a few new girls too, whom I've read their blogs on and off. So I'm looking forward to that - thanks for organising it Deb! Will have to take my camera for sure.

Things have been nice with Greg at home. Elijah is used to seeing his Daddy every morning now, and having him here, poor little tike when he goes back to work though - he won't know what's happened. Greg's even started pulling his weight around the house (shock horror!) and its much easier on me during 'witching hour' of an afternoon. And that I can just leave Eli at home if I need to go out for something. So convenient! Pity we need one of us to work to survive though!! Greg has only found one job to apply for though. starting to get a *little* worried we'll get to the end of our payout and have no more coming in :(. But ultimately I know God will provide, but we will also just have to be really careful!! Appreciate anyone who is praying for us.

Oh and I wanted to mention how cute my baby is. He's really starting to do 'random babbling' now. So cute! Since yesterday he has started saying 'Doi Doi Doi Doi' instead of just 'Da da da da'.... yesterday he was sitting there looking at a book, for like 5 minutes just chatting to himself about it all, was SO CUTE to watch! Can't believe he's almost 10 months though!! Where's my 'baby' gone :(

Well I gotta go to work shortly, so better finish this off.

5 things i'm thankful for today:
1. That I am going through Birth Centre :)
2. That Greg is home
3. That my muffler is FINALLY fixed PROPERLY!
4. That I have a gorgeous gorgeous family
5. Seeing some friends tonight :)


Gayle said...

I know exactly what you are going through with being out of work. Murray was out of work for 6 weeks. God found him a job at the PERFECT time. We were in our house, girls were at school..etc. It worked out that our money ran out the day his first pay arrived. Was SOOO perfect. God kmnows what He is doing..even if we don't. You can trust that he will provide for you every step of the way.

Karen L said...

Nat just want you to know that we are praying for you guys - that God will provide the perfect job in his perfect time. Birthing centre sounds unreal. Nothing like that around when I had my kids.
Have a great time tonight catching up with friends. I am sure you will.

Nic Wood said...

THe birthing centre sounds awesome Nat!

Nic xxx

Chrissy said...

Soooo happy you had a great visit at the BC Natti,I have wonderful feeling about it for you too sweetie! :-) I had a fantastic natural birth with Alexander!!

Katie Toland said...

Hey Natti, bummer to hear about Greg's job, but as you said, God WILL provide for you guys, and I'm sure you'll know it was a blessing soon.

That pic of Eli is just a classic! I love it rofl

I had my boys at a birthing unit within a small country hospital, and it was brilliant. I had natural active births both times. I tried the bath with both, but I couldn't stand the temperature of the water. To have a water birth the water has to be 37 degrees. Everytime we got it up warmer than about 26, I felt like I was going to pass out, I was so hot! You'll still have an amazing experience, and I'm sure you'll love it, even if you can't have the water birth you originally wanted. I'm so excited for you, just thinking about going through all that again, and holding that little bub in your arms for the first time. Awwwww. Love to all of you darl. Lifting you up in prayer. xx