Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coffs Harbour....

We had a nice few days away together in Coffs Harbour at the beginning of last week, Mon-Thurs. It was quite a long drive with one full-on 6-yr old and one teething baby, but we made it! On the way down we sang to Hillsong Kids, played car cricket, sucked on lollipops and Jaidyn amused himself with a few activities books I bought him. Eli likes singing to Hillsong Kids!

We got to our hotel at about 2pm on Monday. We unpacked, then headed into Coffs to do some food shopping for the few days. When we came out of the shops it was absolutely BUCKETING down with rain, which it continued to do for the rest of the day and most of Tuesday too. So we spent more time than we would have like to indoors over those two days. I did take the boys for a quick walk onto our beach at Korora, only to be rained on while walking (read now running!) back to our unit :) We went to The Big Banana on the Tuesday, and had a look through the Puzzle shop (cool stuff there!) and the Candy Store before coming home due to rain. It was really fascinating at the candy shop as we got to see them making those little round sugar candies with the writing inside them - that ppl often get for wedding bonbonneires etc. We had no idea that was how they did it and it was really great to watch them make them. And of course we got taste tests too - so yum! I said to Greg I want to get married again so I can have them! lol... and of course we couldn't leave without buying a mixed bag of fruit flavoured candies :) Yum!
So the rest of Tuesday we spent indoors playing Scrabble, Guess Who, Xbox and drawing/reading. I think we managed to venture out to our pool for a quick 20 minute swim but it was pretty cold and bleak!

Thankfully on Wednesday it fined up enough to go out. So we decided we'd cram all we could into this day! We started out by heading to the Go Kart tracks. The boys went together in a double kart and Jaidyn just loved it!! They looked so cute in their little overalls!

On the way back from go-karting we dropped in for a quick look around the Clog Barn. It was mainly a little souvenir shop with a clog workshop (no demos when we went through though) and they have this little miniature Holland village out the back. You walk through a path looking at little replicas of some of the buildings around Holland. Complete with little trainsets too. We also so quite a few water dragons!

After the Clog Barn we went back to the Big Banana to finish looking around. We had a nice lunch (complete with yummy banana smoothies!) at the cafe, then headed up the hill a bit for the Toboggan Run!! And yep, as you can see, even I went on it! It was great fun - zooming around the corners (not too fast for this pregnant old thing though!) and screaming! As you can see the boys were going a fair bit faster than I was! hehe... We both doubled with Jai - so he had 5 turns altogether! Great fun! After this and karts, won't surprise me if Jaidyn turns into a little adrenalin junkie!

And then we just went to take a couple of nice snaps before heading back to the resort. (or not so nice with the boys pulling silly faces - its so hard to get Jai to have a 'nice smile' these days - he seems to not know how to do it - so we usually just tickle him!)
For dinner we went out to SSS BBQ Barn... yum... a real Western Saloon experience! Looked great all decked out with pics of cowboys, indians and bulls horns among other memorabilia. Jaidyn was kept happy with a colouring sheet (why don't all restaurants have these?) but Elijah was a bit of a pain in the bum as he was teething, grizzly and tired but didn't want to go to sleep! We both had a steak and ribs combo - yummmmmm.... I hadn't had ribs before, was sooo good, but Jai found he liked them too, so I had to share... would love to go to a SteakHouse again sometime I think.
Thursday morning we packed up and left. We were going to go to the beach fgor a bit but Eli fell asleep in the car and really needed the sleep, plus we were pretty ready to just get home asap so just drove home. We stopped at the Big Prawn at Ballina for some lunch. But it was good to be home to just veg for a few hours in the arvo! And an early night (well for me anyway - amazingly Greg managed to stay up almost all night gaming - I think he had withdrawals, lol)
Well that was our holiday. I'm off for a little nana nap now before having to get Jai from school - and good excuse to get out of this stinking heat and hide in my air-con'd bedroom.
Hope you're all having a great week so far xx


Chrissy said...

A little bit of a shame timing wise about the rain, even though we need it so badly. Sounds and looks like you made the most of your time away though Natti! Look at those boys on the go-karts!! My Alex would be envious. He has his own perol powered kart here at home, VERY ALEX! LOL

Hope you are taking good care of yourself and your precious bubba bump!
Love Chrissy xx

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Thanks for sharing Nat. Terrific photos and lots of fun had by the sounds of it. Just what you all needed I'm sure.

Sending a big hug to Elijah. I hope his teething pain won't cause too much discomfort. I remember those days only too well and was always thankful for the kids Panadol. Does he like sucking on cold wet face cloths? They seemed to help my daugther when she was teething at that age.

Enjoy this week and keep smiling:)

Karen L said...

Other than the rain Nat it sounds like you guys had a great few days away. Love the photos - you all like you are having so much fun.
Hope Eli is feeling heaps better now and I'm looking forward to seeing some of these photos on layouts.

Shazz said...

sounds like you had a great holiday nat despite the rain.
pity you didn't give me a call on the way home - i am only 20 mins from the big prawn and would have loved to have met you FINALLY after all these years.
hope you get the rest you need


p.s. great pics too BTW. you look so happy with your lovely boys

Cass said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your holiday Nat! Sounds like you had a great time in spite of the rain.

Hayley said...

love all the pics Natt.. looks like you had a great time. Can we have a belly pic sometime soon?? I want to compare!

Katie said...

Shame about the rain but other than that it sounds like you had a great holiday! And you've got some great pics to scrap too! Can't wait to see your holiday LOs!

Katie :)

Megan said...

Sounds like you had an awesome holiday together. So nice to be able to hang out as a family and be away together. Great photos too.