Friday, March 02, 2007

The other boy...

It just occured to me that yes, I do have two sons, and that those of you who are family living far away probably haven't heard much about Jaidyn in a long while... so this one is mainly for Sandy (MIL) and Andrea (SIL) and to pass on to the other family if you want Sandy.... a bit of a catch-up of what's been happening with Jaidyn lately.

*And please excuse, I haven't really got any recent photos of him either (since Christmas) - bad mother - but will rectify that next week.

So Jai is now in Year Two. He really really loves school. Like lots! And that's good, coz I really really love it when he's at school too! (He's a very full-on boy our Jaidyn!) His teacher is a fairly new one - I actually went to uni with her and we graduated the same time (mid 2005). Her name is Miss Pfeffer (pronounced Feffer). Jaidyn really likes her and I like what she seems to be doing with the kids. Some parents may not particularly like 'new' teachers, but being one myself I know that we are really passionate about it, and also really passionate about finding fun and different ways to teach and learn. So she's great! His class consists of 3 other boys he was in class with last year, a mixture of other boys and all the girls from of the year one classes... there are a LOT more boys than girls in their grade - 2:3 I think or something like that.

Jaidyn's favourite subject is Maths. He also enjoys writing stories. His reading is coming along really well. The books they bring home in grade 2 are much more complex than last year and he's reading them well. Sometimes he still guesses words rather than using his 'strategies' so we'll have to work on that one a bit. But he really does love everything school.

They go to swimming lessons on Wednesday mornings. He says its sometimes a bit cold early in the morning (as they are first up for the day) but I know he loves it too.

Jaidyn loves getting to school at about 8.30am so he can have free-play with his friends, and I'm asked at least 10 times every morning "Is it time for school yet?" and "Am I going to be late!?" - drives me quite bonkers really...

At the moment they are learning about Aboriginals and exploring some dreamtime stories. Yesterday he was very excited because they were going to be writing 'Tiddlick' (the frog) stories in the morning. He came home saying he wrote 3 pages!

He has lots of friends at school. His best friends (this week) are Padraig (pronounced Padrake), Tomas and Josh. That really doesn't mean a lot to you or me though, just names really. I will have to get up there and meet some of these mums so we can have friends over to play.

At home Jaidyn is in his room making books, drawing pictures or playing with his lego most mornings. He also likes watching movies and playing x-box but not really during the school week so much. At the moment he's been banned from the x-box for a whole month, which I think is slowly killing him! lol... at least hopefully this time he'll look after is when he gets it back.

He loves having a baby brother, and Eli is really at an age where they can have some fun together. They play together behind the recliner (their cubby), sometimes do little wrestling games (usually ending in me telling Jai to get off Eli and be more gentle with him!), play in the curtains together (one of Eli's favourite places) among other things.

Jaidyn comes along to Hillz Kidz, our Friday afternoon cell group for kids at church. I run this so I'm always there to keep an eye on him. He's boistrous, loud and often distracted! A handful to say the least! You'd think he'd get rid of all his energy at school, but no, it seems never-ending most days! He likes to learn about God and stuff, but its sometimes hard to get him listening as he's very easily distracted (which I think comes from me!) He's pretty good at remembering things still though, so often knows the answer to the questions when we quiz them.

He still loves visiting his grandparents, and I'm asked most weekends when he can go to Grandma's or Nana's again. At Nana's he enjoys swimming, playing playstation with Shanny, drawing etc. At Grandma's he loves playing with their dog Tash, sometimes going on little outings and making things with Grandad (he's very 'handy').. he usually comes home with many odds and ends made from wood or cardboard which really drives me nuts sometimes coz we just don't have anywhere to keep them!! His room is a bombsite as it is! So now he knows he can bring them to show me but leaves most things at Grandma and Grandad's now.

Well, I cant really think of what else. I will update with some pics of him later.
So yep, that's my other boy - he does exist... lol.


Nic Wood said...

hehehe I know how you feel Nat, when theres a little bub in the house the balance of conversation, blogging and scrapping tends to revolve heavily around them.

Thanks for sharing a bit more about Jai with us. He is certainly growing up quickly too!

Nic xxx

Hayley said...

Thanks for the update about both your little boys ;) I must admit i was a little worried when i read the heading about the other boy, i first read it as 'another boy' and thought you'd found out the sex lol....

Anonymous said...

Really good to read all about our Jai - he has so much potential - he is a great boy. Nan

Andrea Mardon said...

Thanks Nat - I really appreciate hearing about my other nephew and what he's been up to as well. He's about the age of the kids I used to look after in school when I was a teacher's aide and it really is a great age. It's normal for them to get distracted, and if he enjoys school, that's brilliant!

Give him a big hug from me