Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Family shoot attempt #1

Oh my, I have been putting this off for too long now! And I know why! So darn hard to get everyone looking... and here I was thinking it would be Eli not looking at the camera... but he seemed to like the flashy light of the timer going off..... No, it was Jaidyn who "doesn't know how to smile" (his words)... so he's got this wonderful cheesy face thing happening, complete with the two gaps where his teeth fell out!! So... we may try again another day, but for now, this is it... and at least I'll have some to send to the MIL, SIL and to all my family too.

Here's the best of them...

And I wanted some of the boys by themselves too, but Eli was a bit 'over it' by then... and this was all I managed to get!

And while I was at it, thought I better get Greg to take some 'progress' shots of my baby belly. I am now 31 weeks! Gee, it goes by fast... Before I know it, I'll be in labour again, and then will have a newborn again, and back to no sleep! lol

Well, speaking of sleep, think I'll head to bed soon. Well, first I might have a bit of a play around with the new Oz Sketches sketch (thanks to Kim Archer, gorgeous work!) and then get to bed. Gotta work early in the morning!


Tam said...

You're good to even attempt family pics!! I think they look precious :)

As does your belly. I think I want to rub it.

Love ya. xxx

Chrissy said...

Oh but Natti love I think they are all gorgeous happy family piccies, they truly are!

Take good care of yourself and that very precious bubba bump!

Love Chrissy xx

Sandy said...

Thanks for the family pics - can't decide which I like best. Will copy them all into Picasa and look at them all lined up several times, then let you know what I decide. Not long now until they will be out of date!!!!! Eli already looks way older than 1 year!

Lara said...

love your belly! all the photos are fantastic - they are true! not posed pics.

Lali said...

Hi Nat, some great family pics there. And wow Eli walking I am so not ready for that LOL.

Gorgeous baby bump, and yes get in as much sleep as possible :-)

Leanne said...

Beautiful pictures of yourself and your family. Your baby bump looks devine.
Best wishes