Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MY DT comp entry, and SORE FEET

Well, the DT comp winners were announced last night for Oz Sketches - congratulations to Vita and Sheree. So I thought I would share my entries with my blogworld. These are probably my fave layouts lately too, so I was happy with my entry, winner or not, lol!
Here's the one I did on this sketch:

Here's the one I did on this sketch:

And we had to submit one from our own design/sketch, and I did this one:

Really enjoying using sketches now!

In other news, the wonderful TAM (insert link here, lol, I can't remember how to again - you'd think I would one of these days hey) showed me how to digi scrap last night!! Thanks darl!! No, I'm not 'hopping to the other side', but I decided to go digi for Elijah's first birthday invitations, so I still have a lot to play with, but at least I kinda understand how to do it now!! So clueless I am!

And my feet are sooooo sore!! OUCH! These 6 hour shifts at work really kill my poor feet I think, and they ache and ache all afternoon and evening. Oh poor little me, lol...

Well, just realised I have to cut this short, as we have to get Jaidyn and do the groceries this arvo. Have a great week xx


Tam said...

Oh, you know it was my pleasure! And how good were we to figure out how to talk to each other :o)

You know that I *loved* your DT entries - glad that you like them too.

Now, put your feet up!!

miss~nance said...

Nat your DT entries are fabulous, how much do you and your sisters look alike, very beautiful.


Chrissy said...

Ohhh they are all so gorgeous Natti love!! No wonder you adore them so much!

Take good care of yourself sweetie ok? You're worrying me a little, don't forget to try and put your feet up whenever you can.

Love and hugs!
Chrissy xx

Karen L said...

Nat I really love these Layouts and can see why you are proud of them. They are winners anyway - cause you love them.

Take care of your self and try and get those feet up for a rest more often - you don't want to overdo it.

Sal :-) said...

Ohh Nattie, these LO's are just beautiful, I LOVE EM!!! & like the other girls have said "slow down" hon! :-)

Anthea said...

WOW, I love your work Nat! and I hear you on the sore feet, though Im not working 6 hour shifts! LOL

Lali said...

The sketches are great Nat and the LOs looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx here. I am currently having some "issues" with Blogger so I've had to resort to using Anonymous comments to be able to communicate on my fav blogs today.

Blogger keeps telling me that my account password is incorrect when I try to leave comments on blogs - just so annoying!

Anyway here I am, very excited to see more of your layouts. They are all fantastic.

I love the photos, colours, designs etc (especially the buttons). Thanks for sharing. So pleased your still finding some time to scrap.

Elijah is growing up so fast. Walking already and looking cutier in every photo you share.

I hope Jaidyn is enjoying school and looking forward to the new baby.

Any news on Greg finding a new job yet?

Anyway I better go get my daughter from school. Take care and keep smiling Nat. From Susan xxoo

Anonymous said...

Your layouts are great. I am so keen to start scrapbooking myself. Here is a silly question for you. If you do a design where do you keep it. Do you frame it or display it anywhere?? I've always wanted to know!


kathie said...

I loved your Ozsketches LOs Nat. Beautiful pages :)
Take care of yourself Missus!

Nat-Mardon said...

Hi anonymous. Most people keep their pages/layouts in albums. You can buy them in most any size these days. Then you can whip them out when you want to show someone. Some can go on walls too. You should definitely start scrapbooking!

Jasmine said...

I LOVE your LO's Nat!!! I especially love the one of you with your sisters, what a beautiful photo.

Like the other girls have said, take it easy and look after yourself. Make sure you put those feet up when you get home from work!

Jas xx

Michelle G said...

Stunning Lo's there Nat!!! I love them all!!!! You are doing some really beautiful work!!! & Gorgeous pics of your beautiful family too!!!!
Have a great day!!

natalie michelmore said...

hi Nat, I have had issues in trying to leave messages lately so hope this works,
love your layouts- your sisters look so alike!
make sure you get plenty of rest before the next baby comes along!