Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hello Mojo!

Well, my 'mojo' has seemed to have returned - FINALLY - its only been like 18 months or so since I *really* enjoyed scrapping... so here's a few I've been doing lately. The first one is the first sketch for Oz Sketches which Kim Archer so talentedly (hehe sure thats a word!) provided. It was a challenge for me, as I'm so used to using only like one or two pics, but I printed out heaps in smaller sizes the other day, so I was prepared enough. Now to email this one to Tatum.
This second one is one I was playing with when doing my Oz Sketches DT app. But with just one pic, and not a lot of 'design' I decided to just keep it for me!

And this last one is one I did AAAAGGGEEESSS ago, but I found it in my album while looking for the above one, and realised I hadn't shared it yet... no journalling on this one. I think I *meant* to put some on the black space under the main photo, but never got around to it, so its finished enough for me! Sorry for the dodgy photo tho - its hard to fit a Dbl LO into my viewfinder and make it equal! lol

In other news, Greg has left the house! For the weekend anyway. I'm actually happy about this coz we've been in each other's pockets, each and every day for 9 weeks now (or is it 10!?) so I am going to VALUE this time to myself!! Not to mention a king-sized bed all to myself too... nice!! I think some serious scrapping time is in my future... Jaidyn is heading off today too, with his grandparents to go out to a Horse show at Warwick, and they'll be caravanning there for 2 nights, so its just me and Eli for the next 2 1/2 days, yay!!

Seeing as though most of the men from church are off camping together, all the ladies are having a High Tea this afternoon. We were going to go out to one, but seeing as though we'll all have the kids in tow, we'll settle for someone's house where we can send the kids downstairs with a DVD or out to the trampoline to keep them occupied :) Should be a nice afternoon :) Might have to take the camera too I think...

Well, hope you all have a wonderful long weekend (well if you're in Qld anyway - Labour Day on Monday!)

Nat xx


jess said...

LOVE your layouts!!

Tam said...

Ah yeah - classic, clean and colorful, just like i said ;o)

Have an AWESOME weekend, chicky!! Enjoy your space and some girly time. Love ya. xxx

Chris Millar said...

Gorgeous layouts Nat!! Love your take on Kim's sketch! Fabulous!

Chrissy said...

Love your gorgeous creations here Natti! Ohhhh High Tea! That sounds soooo like s'thing I'd adore, very girly and very me. *big grin* I bet it went off beautifully!!

Hugs to you and enjoy your "me" time too.
Love Chrissy xx

Nic Wood said...

Nice to see your LOs Nat - they are beautiful. Love the double one of you and Greg!

Enjoy your time alone LOL Im sure you need it after being home together for so long :)

Congrats to Eli on his first steps too!

Nic xxx

Karen L said...

Hi Nat - great that you have your MOJO back - can you please send my way. Love your layouts also love your family photos from your previous post.

Lali said...

Hi Nat, glad you got your mojo back it is hard with little ones and being pregnant.

And let me tell you your lo's looks great so it has obviously come back with avengance.

Hope you high tea went well oh and enjoy that big bed all to yourself.

how you doin in your best Joey from friends voice said...

Babe...these layouts are just so beautiful! Love all of them! Good on you for getting that mojo did high tea go? Bet you had fun...will call you very soon.
Love ya!
Lus x