Monday, August 27, 2007


Its been 2 weeks since I last blogged.... eek... that means LOTS of things to update on, and I'll probably forget something... so what's been happening in the Mardon household??

* Miss Lani is 2 months old today! Wow, where did that time go? (I know I say that every month Eli gets older too) She had her 2-month check-up and injections (ohh :() last week. She is now 4.4kgs, her head is 37.5cm and she is 59cm long!! That's up from birth of 3.37kg, head of 35.5cm, length of 51cm.... she's grown 8cm in 8 weeks!!! Holy Moly!! What I find funny is that she's in the 25th percentile for her weight and head.. but the 95th percentile for her height!! Yep, she's going to be tall like her Mummy... she also has long arms and legs like me, and like me with wearing jackets and jumpers, her arms are way too long for most of her clothes, particularly her rompers. She is starting to fit into her 000s now (well she needs 00s in Bonds wondersuits tho!) so that's nice as she's have more clothes now! Yay!

I will do up my '2 month letter' to Lani over the next couple of days documenting all the other stuff, but she's doing well!!

* We bought a new dining suite last week, which is getting delivered today... Yay!! Can't wait!! We got a 6'x3.6' rectangle with 6 chairs, but they can fit along each side, so we'll easily be able to fit up to 10 people at it if we need.... would have maybe liked a square or larger one but with renting we need to think about it being able to fit wherever we go... its a really solid pine one though of a mid-stain (so not good with wood colours!) so it will be so good!! Can't wait to have a bit of extra cash to buy some nice adornments for it too :)

* Only a bit over 4 weeks until my Lusi comes up!! Oh I am sooooo excited!! Can't WAIT to have 5 days with you girl, its going to be the best time!!

* It was our 3-year wedding anniversary on Tues 14/8. Wow, 3 years! Gorgeous man had a bunch of flowers delivered to the house, nice!! I made him a special card... and on Sunday morning last weekend we went out for a gorgeous buffet breakfast up at Mt Cootha.. Its something we did 2 years ago too, and as its just so beautiful up there, plus Mt Cootha is where he proposed to me (at night though), and we prefer going out for breakfast to dinner or lunch, we've decided we'll make it our 'thing' each year..... I love it up there for breakfast! And yeah, I ate faaarrrrr too much, lol....

* We went to 2 engagement parties last weekend (18/8). The first was a lunch thing and it was in a park.... the couple hired a clown and jumping castle for the kids, and it was just the most relaxed and beautiful way to have an engagement party. Despite not knowing many ppl and having to chase after the kids on my own (as Greg was working) it was probably the best engagement party I've been to - and of course being in the daytime photos were better!!

* I met the gorgeous Carol from SOF on Saturday. Her and her boys (DH Lalo and DS Jesse) had a few hours stop-over in Brisbane on their way to Canberra, so we met with Sal and Chrissy too at DFO for a coffee and a chat... was a nightmare with my kids (Eli screaming co he was retrained and really wanted to run all over the shopping centre, and Jaidyn coz he was "bored") but still... it was nice to meet you Carol! I look forward to seeing the pics that your patient hubby took for us... and hope the rest of your holiday is great!!

* Ei is a rat-bag as normal.... will endeavour to document a letter to him this week too coz there's lots of little things I want to get down on paper (or screen!)....

* Have done one of 2 CJs that I'm involved in on SOF... I know I'll probably want to shoot myself later down the track for committing to 2, but oh well!! I didn't want to miss out, hehe... this first one is with 12 ladies, and my topic is 'Defining Moments', basically about the defining moments we've had in our walk so far with the Lord. I did my pages on 4 'moments' - my salvation, when I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, when we changed churches to where we are not, and recently some answered prayer when I had Lani.

Here's the cover:

Introduction pages:

The sign-in pages - tags for everyone to personalise:

My layout - here with my hidden journalling tags out:

The left page:

And the right page:

*Got two deadlines to meet this week scrapping wise too - my SOF DT layout has to be in in a couple of days... and the second CJ to be sent next week. The LO is on the Proverbs 31 woman - and oh what a set of standards to live up to as a Christian woman, mother and wife!! I'm having troubles finding a photo to use for this one... maybe one from my wedding? Not sure... My second CJ topic is 'Simple Pleasures', a bit lighter than my first one, just about the things that make you happy and that you enjoy in your life.... so got lots of scrapping to do this week!

* Well, I also have lots of washing to do today as it was raining her all week and I'm just sooo behind, so I better go do that while the babies are still asleep!!

Have a great week, I endeavour to update a few times this week!!


Rowena said...

As I told you before Nattie - LOVE your journal, but especially love the journalling. It is a blessing to others to read what Jesus has done for you :)
PS you have been busy!
PPS really glad you got to meet Carol, Lalo & Jesse. We love them!

Lus :) said...

Babe - your cj is outstanding! LOVE it all :) So motivated me to write some of those special moments of mine in my faith down too! You are very gifted hun!
Hoe lovely to meet the gorgeous Carol and her fam too!
Counting down the days here too..... :)
love ya!
lus x

Nic Wood said...

WOW Nat your CJ is absolutely stunning!!!! I LOVE it, the clours are divine, and its just beautiful.

Nic xxx

Megan said...

Love the CJ Nat. Looks gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back and catch up on your news, thanks for sharing with us Nat.

I can't believe Lani is already 2 months old WOW!!!

Enjoy your new dinning suit. It's always exciting to get some new isn't it.

Belated wishes to you and Greg for your recent wedding anniversary. I am glad you went out somewhere nice together and had a great time. Best wishes for many more happy years together.

Your scrapping work is fantastic, I love it. Very nicely done, your so talented and full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing with us. I always enjoy seeing what you have been making.

Have a terrific day and keep smiling xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx