Sunday, August 05, 2007

Snap Happy and some Praise for my God!!

Have been really snap-happy lately, as you can see by my recent posts. :)

Had a lovely morning visiting Hayley and her new little princess Caitlyn on Friday. Her and Grant just make the best parents... and although Caitlyn slept or fed the whole time it was ok! We'll have *plenty* of shopping/coffee dates in the future... can't wait to be taking our little girls shopping together, might have to get them little matching outfits huh.. heehee... anyway, here's some snaps:
Caitlyn with her Mummy:
With Mummy and Daddy:
And of course with her Aunty Nat:
Yesterday, the kids and I trekked over to Mum and Dad's for lunch. My Gran and Pop came down from Toowoomba to get their first cuddles with Miss Lani. It was a really nice day - yummy lunch, great to just chill out with my family... pity Greg works on a Sat though :( We were out the back snapping some pics, and I'm so happy that we decided to attempt some of me with the three kids too... although not fabbo pics with everyone looking the right way or anything, still special and still scrappable I think!! (and they are good ones of me at least!)... So here's some of those, plus with Gran and Pop and my sister Liss (who's 19 weeks pregnant but I didn't actually get around to snapping her little bump) :
A little Praise point now... a reflection of the power of prayer and our Mighty God... my beautiful bestie Lus was in hospital recently with the flu (mainly precautionary)... and she had a heap of SOF girls and her church family all praying for her.... well God gave her the rest and rejuvenation she needed and she's home again and on the mend... things can so quickly get so much worse with Lus getting sick, so its so praiseworthy for her quick recovery! Thankyou awesome Father!! I continue to pray for complete healing for you honey, and will call you soon xxx
Thought I'd also do a little plug for something happening at Scrap of Faith soon... why not come along to the Charity Crop we're holding to contribute to the charity Mercy Ministries... what a great way to spend a Saturday!! Its happening on November 10 at the Gaythorne RSL.... it will be $20 which includes venue hire, tea and coffee, a goody bag, demo or class plus an awesome day having fun and doing what we love with other like-minded women!! Hope you can come!! Click here for more details and to book your place!!

And here's just a couple more pics of little Princess... just because she's so adorable!!
Happy Sunday!!


Michelle B said...

Oh my goodness Nat, isn't Lani just such a cutie pie!! Really love that waving photo - she looks so like Eli there.

kathie said...

She's just beautiful, Nat. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Jasmine said...

Your kids are all so gorgeous Nat - but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that ;)!!! I think with little kids it's near impossible to get a perfect photo - but those are great you should definitely scrap them.

That photo of you and Lani looking at each other is beautiful - it looks like she's about to give you one of those adorable sloppy bubba kisses!

Anthea said...

oh Nat, those photos are so sweet!!!

Sal :-) said...

Ohhhh look at you and your precious bubbies!! :o)

And just loving that little outfit!! ;-)

Chrissy said...

All those piccies sweetie are just adorable, you look so beautiful with your precious 3 munchkins!

Oh and I swear little Lani is waving at her Aunty Chrissy!! *giggle*

Love to you and your fam darl!
Chrissy x

Nic Wood said...

Lani is just beautiful nat. Love the photos of you and the kids too!

Nic xxx

Tara said...

Snap happy is good!

I just love that bonnet!!!

Karen L said...

Nat what totally gorgeous photos of your kids. Cannot beleive how quickly Lani is growing. She has the most beautiful eyes - melts your heart they do.

Lus :) said...

hello my girl :)
praise God is right and thanks for all your support hun as always ;)
those snaps are all SO beautiful :)
lus x

Lara said...

Nat she's gorgeous!!!! (but you already know that).

janinek said...

Nat, she is just so beautiful and I just love the picture of you going giving her a kiss, and she looks like she is about to eat you up! I'm guessing she was getting hungry! LOL!!