Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A few things to mention...

Got lots to say, and need to do it quickly...

* Sooo excited!! My bestie Lusi is COMING TO VISIT ME!! Yaaaaayyyyy!! I *think* she has booked the flights today - oh I sooo can't wait to finally give you a BIG HUG babe!! Also honey - thinking of you and yours with the nasty flu. Praying that you especially recover soon - can't have you in hospital now.... xx

* There are so many babies around me its not funny!! From myself to a friend Hayley, I knew 6 women having a baby in the space of about 5 weeks (me included) There was: Me with Lani Faith (27 June), Megan with baby Joel Callan (2 July?), Anthea with baby Zachary Tyler (3 or 4 July?), Melinda with her little boy James Martin (21 July), Hayley with Miette Grace (22 July), and my uni mate Hayley who had a little girl, Caitlyn Madison on Saturday (28 July)!!! Babies EVERYWHERE!!! How super exciting!!! I love babies :)

* Had my SOF buddies Sal and Amy around on Saturday to scrap..... well Amy did some scrapping anyway... Sal and I talk too much and between feeding our bubbas and ourselves (yumm!) we got nothing done - I didn't even get anything OUT! But the fun is in the company and chit-chat... have to do it more often.

* Finally got to meet Sue and 2 of her gorgeous little men last week when I went out to Chrissy's for a play :) Great to meet you Sue, great to see you again and your gorgeous house Chrissy and next time we'll have to scrap hey!

* Took some random pics yesterday of my babies and myself, and me with my babies! Here's some:

Poor Eli *really* needs a haircut!! Its on my 'to-do- list for next week!!

And so do I for that matter!!

Even managed to get some of the three of them together, although not good... but not easy to get three kids (two of which are babies!) to look at the camera :)

Oh I just love my kids!!! I think I was going to add some more, but this has taken long enough so I'll have to later....

Have been doing some scrapping, but not actually managed to FINISH anything - I'm the queen of UFOs I think... I endeavour to do some journalling on them soon and get them up!

Lots of love xxx


Roz said...

Nattie, loving all the gorgeous pics!! Such beautiful kids you have my dear :o)

Looking forward to seeing some of your scrapping- so go finish some!!!

Chrissy said...

I hope we can organise a little time for the 3 of us to get together too when our gorgeous Miss Lusi flies in! I need more than the quick 5 minute hi-bye we did at kiwiscraps in Sydney! LOL

The piccies of you and your kiddoes are so cute Natti. I loved having you over for "tea" at my place too (even if you did have coffee *giggle*). Definitely have to do it again hey!

Hugs babe!
Chrissy x

Anthea said...

WOW, more lovely pics Nat!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing. Lovely to see all your kids together. I love your head band, so funky and cute Nat :)

Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

the chick who is ultra excited to see her gorgeous natti and fam :) said...

Yay! Booked booked and booked!!!!! woooooohoooooooooooooo! I can't believe it :) Am so excited ;)
hey loving those gorgeous snaps hun :)
*see* you soon!!!! literally!!!!!!
Lus x

Tara said...

Isn't it just crazy, but AWESOME when lots of people you know have babies... and even better when it is at the same time as you?!

Karen L said...

Great shots of you and the kids Nat - my gost your kids are good looking - real stunners in fact. Love the photos. How exciting that Lusi is coming to Qld. A little green with envy (in a nice way) would love to get down and catch up with you all.

God Bless that wonderful family of yours.

Tam said...

love, love, love your piccies! you do make gorgeous kidlets :)

and yay for lots of babies. so much fun (and so much fun shopping!!)