Friday, January 04, 2008


It's 2am, and I have Lani draped over my lap,
patting her back,
putting her back to sleep.
It's night number 4 of this.

I realised that she no longer actually *needed* that 2am feed but rather was waking just out of habit... so we're on a mission to kick that habit good-bye!

So far she has not been bothered about not getting the boob, but she's having a lot of trouble with settling herself back to sleep. And as she is a screamer (I know, many of you can't believe that from my angel!) I just can't leave her go for too long in her room as she will wake up Eli (they share). So we're (I say we but I mean I coz Greg is sound asleep) doing a bit of leave her at her own devices for a while, and then give in and pat her back to sleep over my lap... progressively she's screaming less and less, and is more just protesting, but then gets a bit more distressed... (so I pick her up and end up here, with her over my lap).
(NB: I'm writing this more for my own record than anything, so sorry if its boring you)
I know I should really just pat her back to sleep in her bed, but it doesn't seem to comfort her in the slightest, gggrrr....

On recommendation of a friend, we have started following the daily routine set out by Tizzie Hall, commonly known as 'the baby whisperer', and so far the actual routine is working pretty well. Changes have included upping Lani's solid feeds to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she's loving it! (and yes I actually got around to cooking her *real* vegies too!) The routine also helps ME to be better organised I think, so that's always a good thing! So far though, her 'dreamfeed' (supposed to give the last feed of the night while she is still asleep) has not been so much while she's dreaming, as she has woken or stirred before 10.30 every night and I have given it to her early to try to make at least semi-dreamy!

I'm really hoping and praying that this only takes about a week, and she'll have this waking thing out of her system. Can you pray for me too please?

I guess perseverence is the key! I'm determined to make this work, so absolutely no booby feed in the night.... my boobs really protested to that the first night, but they are OK now, not sore like they were that first night!

Anyway, just wanted to get some of that down for my records. She seems to have dropped off now, so I might try and go put her back to bed and see if she can settle the remainder back to a deeper sleep on her own.


Chrissy said...

Prayers AND hugs honey!! Nicholas was my feed through the night baby and being pregnant with Emmy at the time too no wonder I was a washed out wreck. Keep perservering love, I know you must be so tired but it *will* be worth it. Good to hear she's taken so well to more solids too. :)

Love to you!
Chrissy x

Karen L said...

Prayers and Hugs here too Nat - Praying that you won't have to persevere too long- that she will get the hang of it and be happy to settle. The hard yards do pay off sooner rather than later too Nat.

Cass said...

Thanks for sharing Nat. It's comforting to know that they *will* sleep through the night eventually. :)

jacqui jones said...

oh babies r fun
the is emily totally....we started on this n ight time problem in the day, some play time in her cot so she could see it was a great place to be...and then working on letting her go to sleep on her own during the day and then at night too cause she was a heavy baby and wouldnt let u sit and rock or pat her u had to stand and the self sothing during the night sort of just happened on its own after that...its hard work but isnt it