Friday, November 10, 2006

Scan today!!

So excited. In about and hour and a half, I will get to see my baby for the first time, well my 'peanut' coz that's probably what it will look like this young. So I will find out how far along I am... I have this tiny little fear inside me though, that they won't find anything! And that I'm not pregnant... despite two positive tests and morning sickness... I'm sure there's a baby there, I just have that tiny fear inside me - NO! That is not from God!! He has blessed me with a child, a child that I get to meet (kinda) this morning. I've never had a scan this early before, so its really exciting. And I'm excited to see how close I am to Hayley and another friend who's having a baby next year too!! We could all be having babies together!!

So yep, hating this morning sickness though. Blah! Over it! The mornings have been rather pooey, which then means I'm in a lazy mood for most of the day, and NOTHING is getting done around here! Yesterday I was back to normal in the arvo/night, so I'm hoping its going away... Also thinking the headaches are from caffeine withdrawal as I haven't had any coffee for 3 days now - now going from 4 a day - none I'm sure will do my system in and its throwing headaches at me!

Well, better get ready! Can't wait! I hope Eli behaves himself...

So, we get to pick names again! Yay!

We have to organise what on earth we are going to do with rooms - will Eli go in with Jai? OR until bubs is about 5 months old and sleeping through soundly... what to do, what to do?

And, we have to find a pram again. I would *really love* one of the Phil & Ted E3s so that I can put both bubbas in, but don't think we'll be paying $650 so I'll have to pray and pray about it and keep my eyes open on Ebay for one!!

Anyway, off to finish getting dressed!
Have a great day all

5 Things I'm thankful for today:
1. Modern technology so I can actually SEE my baby today!
2. Ginger & lemongrass tea, yummm...
3. All the awesome girls who have supported me already in having these babies so close together
4. God, just in general coz He rocks!!
5. That He is with me every minute of every day, and that He wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle :)


lusi said...

I WANT DETAILS!!!! I hope you get a little pic thing that you can show us all- so sweet. My prayers are with you darling girl!
And your 5th thankful point - I'm giving up a big AMEN to that one!
Love ya!
Lus x

Shazz said...

my congrats to you and greg and your boys nat - how exciting that you are blessed with another child.
i hope the morning sickness passes soon (i had "all-day" sickness with all my pregnancies) and that you are well and healthy throughout this pregnancies with the added stress of already being a mum x 2.
take care and i am looking forward to hearing all about your scan


Tam said...

Yay - I can't wait to hear all about it!

BTW, the P+T E3 is being superseded next year, so you might be able to grab one of the current models cheap soon. It's a great pram ;o)

Deb said...

oh my! I can't wait to hear how your scan goes!