Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad blogger!

Gosh, I've been a slack one haven't I! Been almost 2 weeks since I blogged.

I did Kim Archer's gorgeous class this morning, and I was so please that I actually kept up and got it finished, minus my journalling... I will need to do that soon though, or it will get forgotten forever... here it is anyway... I chose 'Who would have imagined.. I would be the mother of boys... coming from a family of only girls, I never ever thought that I could maybe never have a daughter myself, and that I might just have boys! Good thing to journal about I think...

So thanks Kim for this class!
I had a ball!

In other news, uh... gosh, what have I been doing for the last 2 weeks...

A bit of a plug for my online class at Scrap of Faith. We are doing a Prayer Journal, but you could probably make it any kind of notebook, if you're not a Christian. We'll be using the yummy Junkitz papers, and altering a journal, complete with coverpages to make different sections in your journal... you could use it for an inspiration journal too I guess... Anyway, its on Saturday night 18th November @ 7.30pm AEDST, so if you're in Qld, that will be 6.30pm! Check out the website if you're interested... classes are $10 each, and $5 of this goes to charity, so you'd be helping our local community too! You can also purchase a class kit from Scrap Pile online store.

Did some cropping with Sal and Amy last Friday night and had a great night, even if I got not much done, and I was sooo tired.

Speaking of last Friday, did something else too..... involving a test with a 'two line' result.... yep I'm pregnant again! Its sinking and we're really excited again! But I'll surely have my hands full with two little babies - about 13 months apart I reckon... I'm off for a scan to work out my dates on Friday, and really looking forward to seeing 'my baby' even though it won't look like much this young. I'm thinking I'm betwen 4-6 weeks along, as I got sick about that time last time with Eli. So yep, Ive been trying totake it easy, get lots of rest, and eating lotsof all things ginger!

Take care all xxx


Deb said...


Natti i am so excited for you!!!! Congratulations to you and Greg & the boys! Were you guys trying or was this a total surprise???

Wow this is just such exciting news! I hope you'll let me take some pics of you & your baby bump :D

Congrats again gorgeous - i hope everything is going well :) oxoxoxox

Nat-Mardon said...

A bit of a surprise Deb, but we weren't NOT trying either - not on any contraception yet, so I guess we're just super fertile!

I'll be pregnant with Hayley too! Cool hey!

lms said...

Congrat's Natti!!


Chris Millar said...

Congrats Nat! I wish you a wonderful and healthy pregnancy!

Nic Wood said...

Im jumping around in my seat like a crazy woman - thats awesome news Nat. Congratulations.
Dont worry about the age gap (or lack of LOL) there is only just over 14 months between my oldest two and I survived it - I think its a great gap. At least you have Jaiden to help out too.

HUGE hugs
Nic xxx

Erica Glover said...

OMG< OMG and OMG!! That is soooo cool! Congrats guys, you two make beautiful babies and i am so excited that you are going to bless the world with another!

Chloe and Maddy are 12 mnths apart and they were as close as twins for years. It is hard work but you are changing and nappies etc anyway so why not do it twice!

Huge congrats and hugs and smoochies Natti!
E xx

DenimAngel said...

How exciting for you Nat, congratulations! Our first two are 12 months apart, lots of work but it's all fun too. This time we will have just over 15 months apart and that was a surprise lol.

Evana said...

OM GOODNESS! Your a machine and I am so jelly! Wowser girl....your a star! Take good care ok. Sheesh....another baby to pace on into the Thanks for bringing a smile today!

Huge hugs to you and Greg and the boys!


Megan said...

So excited for you guys Nat. You are going to do brilliantly

Cheryl Wray said...

YAY!!!! Congratulations to you and your hubby and your entire, sweet family!!!! Make sure you keep us all updated!!!

lusi said...

You know already how VERY excited (major understatement) we are for you and Greg and for Jai and Eli who will have a little play-mate too!
I'm ALWAYS here for you!

love that lo and love you stacks!

thanks for the chat last night xxx

Tam said...

Yay, yay, yay!!

God obviously knows what a great mummy you are!

What fun :o)

Mel said...

OMG Nattie! Congratulations! What *have* you been doing girl? LOL!
I hope you feel well and don't overdo it, ok?

Hugs, Melanie x

Ali :-) said...

Congrats, Nat! Wow! Seems like only yesterday that you were pregnant with Eli!!! You sure are going to have your hands full!!! LOL

Wishing you a safe pregnancy and hoping the horrid morning sickness passes soon!

Ali :o)

jacquij said...

congrates nat thats wonderful news
maybe that daughter isnt as far away as u think...: )
mind u health babies is all we hope for

lee woodside said...

Nat love how this layout has turned out!!!
Congrats on your news too.

Allison said...

Congrats what a up ok!!!! Love the layout I think it is fabulous....the colours are really striking.

Chrissy said...

Ohhhh wow Natti love I'm so excited for you!! There is only 12 months between Nick and Em and when Alex came along that was 3 under 3 for us, I love a close spaced fam. Lots of work but they are so close, it's all definitely wonderful!

I have the biggest smile on my face love!

Blessings to you and your whole family sweetie!
Love and hugs Chrissy xx

Hayley said...

oh my goodness, this is far to exciting for me!!!! i wonder if you will be the mother of 3 little boys or 2 with 1 little girl :)

Congrats Honey :)

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

I just heard your exciting news. Congrats and best wishes. I pray you will have a healthy and happy pregnancy and everything goes according to plan. God bless, take good care of yourself Nat xxoo