Friday, November 10, 2006

We have a due date!

And its 1st July 2007. Which makes me 6 weeks, 5 days along. I will be 7 weeks on Sunday! Cool! I am not really shocked with this coz it was about 6 weeks when I got the sickness with Elijah - so that's why I thought I was about that far along!

Super exciting!! OMG my bladder was soooooo killing me, I thought I was gonna wee all over the place! heehee... ended up having to do it interally anyway. Nice!! Not... nah, I'm not really bothered by these things....

I did get to see my little peanut! It had a head!! And that was about all you could make out - a little peanut with a head!! LOL.. I think somehow 'peanut' might stick as a nickname if I'm not careful! heehee

So yep, super exciting. We're having a baby on July 1. Now I wonder if this one will be early or late - early again I hope! I hate carrying over!

Oh Tam, thanks for the head-up about the pram. I will keep my eye out for a cheap price... even so, don't know if $500 is feasible even! But I guess to get a GREAT pram that you use over and over and over, and with the extra $1000 this year in mat payment, we'll have a bit to play around with, coz we won't have to buy a lot else!!

Ciao girls!!


Sara Pearcy said...

HUGE congratulations Nat!!!! I'm so happy for you. It is really fun having two babies so close together - you are going to love it!!

I hope you stay well and the morning sickness subsides soon.

xx S.

Deb said...

hope you're feeling better soon!

A winter baby - how exciting!

cassi girl said...

Congratulations Nat.
I hope your morning sickness goes away quickly and that bubs is early!!

Sandi :)

Kylie said...


I don't pop by your blog for a while and you're preggers again!!!

CONGRATULATIONS thats fantastic news! You SURE will have your hands full but you will have so much funnn! And another gorgeous bubby! thats awesome!!

I'm really clucky at the moment coz my nextdoor neighbour is due ANYTIME now! so excuse my over excitement, LOL now i just gotta find ME a man and have my own! LOL!

Congratulations again nat! that's excellent news *squeals!!*

Karen - Scraper 25 said...

Great news Nat - and exciting to see your precious little bub even though it is not much bigger than a peanut.

Well if this precious little bundle is a day late it will share his/her birthday with my son cause his birthday is the 2nd July

kathie said...

Huge hugs and congratulations to all of you, Nat! How exciting. Another baby.

melanie harris said...

I hope the MS goes real soon Nat.

Its great seeing your little baby for the first time. Rest up.

Lisa Pate said...

*YAY* nattie and little 'peanut', I think it is rather a cute nickname ( much better than "baby bot", which poor DD was nicknamed by her sister!)

Love Ya

Ros said...

Congrats Nat! Jaidyn will be such a great helper which will be well needed! My kids are 14 months and 12 months apart with 18 months going to be the gap between 3 & 4 (due April 24).

My advice from having 3 under 3, and going to be 4 under 4, some days are easy than others and to take one day at a time.

Rest up and take it easy,

Chrissy said...

Oh Natti I'm so glad the scan went well, I just knew it would!! I'm so excited for you!!

Hugs sweetie!
Love Chrissy xx

NuttyScrapper said...

Hi Nat,
Just dropped in to say congratulations :) Hope you are feeling well!