Sunday, November 26, 2006

So excited!!

As I type, my sister is now BACK IN THE COUNTRY! Can't WAIT to see her today! It's been 10 long months without seeing my baby sister, and she will get to meet her little nephew today too!

No doubt she'll have terrible jetlag (30 hours on a plane, yuck!) so I think Mum's gonna let her sleep a few hours this morning, then we are going over this arvo to see her! Apparently I heard Mum is making roast tonight, and as yet, we haven't been invited to stay for dinner, but that's gonna change! How rude! I'll giver her a call when they get home from airport... I don't mind making vegies or what-have-you to accompany... mmmm... roast....

So stay tuned for some photos of my wonderful sister and us, soon.

In other little news tid-bits, I got a couple of new clothes yesterday - yaya, sooo needed. Had a looky at the maternity stuff, but seeing as I'm not 'showing' yet (well no more than my already fat gut, hehe) I just look terribly fat in them, so will wait till the new year when showing a little... But I got one top that is super long (in the 'tunic' type style that's popular, so will be able to wear that in my pregnancy anyway, and a cute black dress, for wearing to Xmas party, Elijah's dedication and maybe Christmas day too... and its got room for belly to grow too...

We put up the gate and staircase barriers yesterday, so we're all ready for Eli to crawl now - he won't fall down the stairs! Its not overly pretty, with masonite and big ugly clamps at the top, but it was the cheapest option and with only 4 weeks till Xmas (and not much of the shopping done) we need to save as much $$ as we can... maybe we'll find another option in Jan, or just put up with it!

Greg and I watched 'Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans' Chest' last night... what is with that ending? Obviously they're making the next one! Still good flick though - I really enjoy these ones, funny, good eye candy and some adventure too!

So, off to church today. Greg now has every Sunday off work, so that is so great! He's been on the sound desk the last 2 weeks, so will be good to get to sit with him and friends today.

Thought I better do a 'thankful' list, it's been a while.. today I'm thankful for:

1. My sister coming home!!
2. Family
3. Greg having Sundays off - yay!
4. That I'm mostly over morning sickness
5. Going to church to worship my God - love Sundays!

Have a great day all xxx


Cheryl Wray said...

Yay! Have a great time seeing your sister again!!!

Chrissy said...

Woohoo for your little sis coming home Nat, that's so special!!