Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jaidyn's birthday

Well, I really meant to post this on Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, you get the picture. So now my boy is 6! I can hardly believe it. Where did 6 years go? How did he get SO BIG? Where did my baby go? I guess a Mummy's gotta let em grow up some time, but I do still like to baby him *sometimes*... a Mum's priveledge?

So he had a super fun couple of days for his birthday and got spoilt rotten of course. His birthday was actually Monday, but on Sunday we went over to Mum and Dad's for an afternoon tea, with my Gran and Pop too, and Jaidyn's other grandparents. He got so many things. Yay! Keeping him busy this week and outta my hair!

(We've been playing Guess Who EVERY afternoon after school this week. Thankfully he's gone to Nana's for a sleepover so SHE can play it with him... good game though, loved it when I was a kid...)

We let him have one of our presents one day early, a really cool Pirates of the Carribean costume. At first he was a little unsure of it (silly boy!) and didn't want to try it on, but after he had a swim he put it on and boy did he look swarve! Just look at this little man:

I had all sorts of problems with the cake! Eek, I'm just NOT a cake mum! LOL... I made two (coz we were going to ajdust the hat to be a bandana instead) but when cutting it, it all crumbled. So I chucked a little tantrum, threw the cake (onto the bench) and called Greg in tears. So wonderful DH came to the rescue and said he would do the cake. Now really it was only the whole cutting it bit that I dread, can't do, hate! So Greg managed to cut the circle cake into a pirate hat and head, and he also iced it too, then I helped with the lolly decorations - easy bit! We were actually quite happy with how it came out... this is as good as they get in this household!

On Monday, Jai got the rest of his presents from us (an outfit and book, how boring, lol) and from Greg's family. Then off to school he went, taking some of his goodies to show of course!

I played the wonderful Mum and made cupcakes for all his classmates and took them in just before they all went home, so I felt so proud of my little man (and me!) then.... had no dramas with the cupcakes - I CAN do cupcakes.... they were just iced with one smarty on each though, easy.

So yep, my little boy is now 6, growing up faster and faster! Love you darling!!


Roz said...

Oh Nattie, he is growing up so fast! Wasn't he only just turning 3???!!! lol

And I can just see you spitting the dummy and thowing the cake rotfl.....but it turned out brilliantly!

Muz and Gayle said...

oh..I hear you sister! I am also NOT a cake decorating mum...we do the whole icecream cake thing. I refuse to even try cause I know I will totally stuff it up.
Glad Jai had a good day. He looks great in his costume!

Chrissy said...

Oh Natti the cake looks darling and wow your little boy IS growing up!

Hope you are taking care of yourself too sweetie among all the busy celebrations.

Chrissy xx

Jo Hutchison said...

Hi Nat,

Jaidyn looks gorgeous in his Pirate outfit. Congratulations to you on surviving another birthday with only the 1 tantrum.


kathie said...

Well, I think your cake looks fab. Happy birthday to Jaidyn. Love the costume :)

Nic Wood said...

Time sure is flying by! I cant believe he is 6!!!
That is one cool pirate cake - love the eye patch...looks yummy, and I bet Jai loved it.

HAve a great weekend catching up with your little sister, and enjoy the roast ;)