Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007

Well, a Happy New Year to you all.

I must make a terrible confession - I didn't make it till midnight last night. Yep, I'm getting old huh! I will blame the pregnancy... hehe... we went to friend's for a nice quiet night (the mens decision really) - we had a great BBQ dinner, then cracked out the Poker - Texas Holdem style. I'm not really 'into' poker, I find it a little boring, but I think I lasted an hour or so at least. But by 10.30pm I was bored of Poker and tired as. Something that 5.30am starts and a couple of Midori Illusions didn't help! So I piked! Yep! So to Tam and Lusi, I didn't even make it to your New Year - Greg told me I had two texts when he woke me at 2am to drive home (of course he had far too many drinks to drive!).. but thanks girls :)
So hope you all had a good one. We had a good time, but yep, I didn't make it to see the new year in. I haven't missed it in many years, so must be getting old!

Well, I guess I'll use this post as a bit of a wrap-up of 2006 and a lead-into 2007.

2006 was a HUGE year in my family. It seems they get more 'eventful' each year... so here's a hopefully quick run-through:

2006 was a year of new community... as we had just moved to the Northside of Brisbane, to our new church family. And I think the best move we've made. We are so at home in this church and this community. Love it here!

2006 was a year of new milestones... as my first baby Jaidyn started at big school. He looked so grown up in his uniform first day, oh my! He loves school, and putting him in this year was the best decision ever, he was so ready (although he seems to have my not-so-attentive, a-bit-to-talkative trait!).

2006 was a year of adventure... as my baby sister headed to Holland for a year's exchange. We missed her so much in the 10 months she was gone, but she got such a wonderful life and travel experience - went to so many places! Lucky duck!

2006 was a year of stretching the heart-strings and bonds of my family... as we went through almost losing my Mum in an operation-gone-wrong. Then came 3 months of her being in hospital. Frustration was one key emotion felt at this time. I will never forget the strength of my Dad though, and my respect and love for him grew so much stronger seeing him be so dedicated and unselfish for Mum. It was a hard few months, but our family pulled together and we made it through. Mum is now at home and well and truly in recovery mode. And we hope she has no more hospital stays in the near future!

2006 was a year of new life... as we welcomed Elijah Christopher Mardon into the world on Monday 22nd May @ 6.15am. What a beautiful thing the birth of a baby is and he has brought nothing but joy to this family. I love nothing more than being a SAHM to him and watching Jaidyn and Eli bond and play together. Eli was born while Mum was in hospital, and she didn't see him until he was 6 weeks old. It was a little unfamiliar and sad not having Mum around when I first had him and came home etc. I really look forward to that again with the next one.

2006 was a year of promotion and new responsibility... as Greg was finally promoted to a Store Manager for ALDI. We had been waiting a short while for this, so it was greatly appreciated when it finally came. In saying that, it's been a tough few months with Greg working long hours, having many staffing problems and I guess all the sorts of things that managers have to deal with. But he is really good at what he does and he thrives on the responsibility and leading his team. I am so very proud of him!

2006 was a year of visiting with family... In April we travelled down to Mt Gambier SA to stay with Greg's parents for a while. It was a lovely relaxing time, enjoying family and the little 'sights' of the town. On the way home we stopped in at Melbourne to see my cousins and also a couple of friends. In July, we had visits from both Greg's parents again and my Nana, to see Elijah (and Nana to see Mum too). Nana has been down again for Christmas, so its been a pretty good year with family. My BIL Jeremy is living with us at the moment, so its great to spend some time with him too. The only one we didn't see was Andrea, hopefully won't be too far between seeing her again...

2006 was a year of new challenges... as I stepped into leadership in our church, heading up the Children's Ministries. I still have much to learn about organisation and the 'business' behind it all, but God is certainly taking me through all that, teaching me new things and beign with me all the time so I don't fall too hard. I've found it very challenging at times, but also love it, and it is such a need in our church, so I just pray that God dontinues to bless me in this, and take it to the next level this year!

2006 was a year of new friendships... I have met some of the most amazing women this year. First of all was my wonderful friend Lusi, whom I just stumbled upon through a blog we both visited. Who would have known that God had such a rich friendship in store for us both. In no more than 6 months we have laughed, cried and prayed together, sharing each others lives, families and testimonies of what God has done in our lives. I love this girl so much and I hope that 2007 brings us together to actually meet in person. Love you Lus.
One other amazing friend I've made this year is Sal. We were brought together in July, so again, less than 6 months ago, when she started the Scrap of Faith community, again through a mutual friend. Sal and I have got rather close this year, and our friendship is rooted very deeply in God, in the SOF community and in sharing the gospel with others. I love you too Sal, and look forward to what God has in store for our friendship in 2007.
I have also made many new friendships at Scrap of Faith. This is 'my home' now, I can't go a day without visiting the forums, and seeing what's happening in the lives of my christian girls there. We have all grown quite a close bunch and I know these girls are always there for me, for prayer, for guidance and for spiritual advice or building me up in my faith. Love you girls too!

2006 was a year of new depth in God... as I've seen my walk with Him and my spiritual life grow more than I could ever have imagined. Where I am now, and where I was this time last year seem so distantly apart. I have truly learnt so much, laid so much at the cross and grown so much in every aspect of my christian life. I feel so much fuller in my God, so much closer to Christ Jesus, but of course still so far from the perfection that He is. I am excited to see where He takes me in 2007. What an honour it is to be in the kingdom of my God and in Christ Jesus. More love in Him than I could ever have imagined anywhere else.

2006 was a year of exciting milestones for friends... I've seen one of my highschool girlfriends, Erinna finally get married this year to a wonderufl man Scott. I've seen two more old school friends get engaged, congrats to Lou and Jordan and Roxy and Robin. Hayley, a friend from uni is pregnant with her first baby, how exciting, as are Ben and Michelle who are to welcome their baby in only a month. I've had many friends have babies this year - Karen with Jacob, Tam with Diesel, Erica with McKenna, Katherine with Elara and more. What a wonderful year!

And finally, 2006 was a year of new excitement for us... as we found out we are pregnant AGAIN! We are so overjoyed though, and know this is God's plan. Two babies only a little over a year apart. I'll probably go a bit mad, but I'll love em so much and I know God will get me through it! We are so excited for July 1 to come around and welcome a new baby into this family.

What agreat year my family has had. Ups and downs. Hardships and joys! But that's what life is all about isn't it. I really look forward to life in 2007. And, if you've made it this far, good on you, and I wish you the very best to come in 2007 too and hope you acheive all you set out to.

My Mantra this year - With God, all thing are possible!

(Well blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload any pics - again - such seems the story of blogger - maybe I should switch users.... so can't upload any sorry!)


Tam said...

LOL. So THAT'S why you ignored me!! Hope you had a good one anyway - I kinda wish I had have gotten to bed before midnight too.

Love your rundown of your year. All the best for an AMAZING 2007! xxx

Anonymous said...

happy new year!!!! I've given up on Blogger.


Tara said...

I was in bed before midnight... didn't even try to stay awake.

I woke up when the new year struck in though, heard the neighbours around about all "Happy New Yearing", said HNY to dh but he was asleep. lol

lusi said...

Can we please stop trying to live a double life in separate states lol - cause guess what we were doing - playing texas holdem too! I'm not great at it and mangaed to stay in for an hour as well - brett cracked up when i told him what my *twin* was doing on the same night as us - lol!
hey - YOU have definitely been a highlight for 2006 for me too hun! Thanks for your friendship and love and support. You know I'm always here for ya no matter what. What a HUUUUGE year its been for you guys hey! Can't wait to see what the Lord brings along for you all for 2007!
Much love always,
Lus x

Hayley said...

Hey Natt, Happy New Year Honey! Guess what, i didn't make it to NY either. 11.45 and i was tucked up in bed... far to tired for that crap!

byw, i love poker, absolutely! It's very big in our house, adam's playing it on the net all the time. Spends more time with it than me... oh well ;)

What a fantastic 2006 you guys have had, and 2007 is shaping up to be even bigger an better. You're going to have 3 babies... sheesh, and i'm getting used to the idea of one!

byw, i read your post about success and i wanted to add a little something. We have what millions of ppl will never have. A wonderful, trusting, loving and amazing marriage. I haven't travelled like my friends and their bank accounts are a lot (hell of a lot) bigger than mine... but i love my life. I love my little house, my awesome husband and the fact that i'm going to be a young mum. Sometimes it gets me down that i have to sacrifice things i'd love to do (like travel) but i know my time will come. We are successful in so many long as we remember that, we will always be richer than most :)

jacqui jones said...

dont worry nat i didnt make it to midnight either

Ali said...

Hi Natty
Happy New Year!!!
I am so looking forward to meeting you soon(well sometime this year)
Hope you are all well
Chat soon
Ali x

Karen L said...

What a year you have had Nat - I am sure that God is going to do some more amazing things in your life in 2007.