Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Got SO SO SO much to update - too much!! So gonna start with Miss Lani and will post about Eli and the rest of us in the next couple of days, when I get a chance :)

Miss Lani -
My Miss Lani will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Crazy! Doesn't really seem that long ago I was having her in the car, heehee... And I haven't really taken anywhere near enough photos for a mad keep photographer/scrapper... but I guess you get that with 2 babes at home!

She has settled into a fairly good routine already. I'm blessed to only be up once most nights, depending if I stay until her last feed about 10pm... she's up pretty much every night at 2am or thereabouts.... sometimes I get a nice sleep-in till 7 or even later and I must say I've been enjoying that lately (the boys just play in their room) as I've never really been much of a 'sleeper-in-er-er'... its good in colder weather though hey!

The boys are great with her - Eli loves to look at her and doesn't poke her or sit on her too much!! Jai likes his little cuddles and kisses her face and talks to her about how cute she is etc.

We've been totally blessed with gifts for her from various friends. Sal and Amy came over to scrap on Saturday and Sal brought with her a huge basket of clothes for her for from my gorgeous friends from Scrap of Faith - it pretty much doubled her wardrobe, which is huge anyway!! This girl has soooo many gorgeous things to wear over the coming months - she's pretty much all fitted out for the rest of winter and into summer too... can't wait till she can fit into 000 as she doesn't have too many 0000... so a HUGE thanks to my girls from SOF - gosh I love you girls!! I am so blessed to have you all in my life :)

Here's some pics:

Daddy and his girl (she was about a week or so old here I think):
My Mum recently brought over some of the special outfits she had kept from me and my sisters. Mainly woollens made by my Gran and a couple of very pretty dresses made by my Nana... so I just *had* to dress her up in this little outfit.... she looks SO CUTE in bonnets, but she only has this green one and a cream - and they don't really match any of her (mainly) pink and white clothes. So I might just have to go and try and find a pink and a white one at markets or something? Anyway, here's my little doll...

At 4 weeks old: with Mummy (she looks a bit funny in this one, hehe)

This one I just took of her a couple of hours ago (and she's still in there like this!):

Back soon with more xxx


Shazz said...

OH NAT....!!!!!!!!!!
she is truly just so gorgeous


p.s. my gift will be on it's way soon (promise)

Chrissy said...

Oh Natti she truly does look like a gorgeous baby doll doesn't she!! *big heart smiles*

Can't believe I've had so many cuddles already, she's such a beautiful bubba, your family are sooooo blessed to have such an angel!!

Love to you all!
Chrissy x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I love seeing all your precious photos.

I still think Lani looks a lot like Eli. She is so pretty and cute, your very lucky:)

I can't believe she is already 5 weeks old, ís that really possible - WOW

Have a great week Nat. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Deb said...

Keep posting those pics!!! SHe's gorgeous!! I love seeing all these photos of her :)

Anthea said...

hey Nat!

what gorgeous piccies of your sweet little girl! it must be 3rd time lucky cause Zach is only waking once during the night too!!

Gayle said...

Oh Nat she is adorable...but she looks so differnt in every photo. lol. Bet she smells beautiful too.

Karen L said...

Ah Nat how gorgeous is that baby daughter of yours, So pleased to hear she is such a good baby. These photos are really beauitufl. How truely blessed you are,

Tara said...

Great photos Nat, she is just beautiful. I love the photo of her in the green clothes... she looks like a little doll.

Kind of makes me sad that my girl has grown so much already. Almost eight months... how DID that happen?!!!

Jade said...

She is soooo cute Natti, but you know that!

someone who's coming to visit sooooooooooooooooon :) wooooooohooooooooo :) said...

hey hun!!!! she's sooooooooooooo gorgeous :) look at her! I love that one of her and Greg and the one of her with you (you stunner!)
ok so not booked as yet have had an awful day with liji but will book as soon as i can, k?
love to you all!
lus x