Thursday, January 10, 2008

Been busy (when am I not!?)

I do have some shares - no sorry, not of the scrapping variety though.

I've been busy making pocket nappies for my babes. Yes, for MY babies this time, not others which I seem to be doing more than my own bubs, lol.

I even got to use snaps for fastening rather than velcro and I love these SO MUCH MORE!! A friend has a snap press on loan (but has to give it back on Saturday :() but I think I'm a good part of the way convincing Greg that I need one of my own. Might use some christmas money to get it.

Anyway, here are some of the nappies - there were a couple in the wash, so haven't got pics of them yet!

Lani's newies:

And Eli's (poor boy needs a lot more though!)

In other news, Lani slept through the night the night after my last post... she went 2 full nights, but has woken again for a few.... I guess its going to be a process till its perfect, if it ever is!

Greg and I are hosting a 'How to Host a Murder' party tomorrow night. We got one for Christmas and have wanted to have one for a long time now... the theme is 'Roman Ruins' and therefore we are dressing as romans! Greg's character is a military commander and mine is a rich party animal, so to speak - I think the wife of the deceased maybe. We have a friend who's Mum collects costumes, so we were able to get most of what we need from her and for only a gold coin donation - awesome! Greg got a centurion military outfit (think Gladiator) and I got a dress and lots of accessories - gold jewellery and belt etc.... not sure if I really like the dress, and I was going to try to whip something up myself out of an old sheet, but I don't think I can really be bothered too! lol. Will try to get some decent photos throughout the party :) Should be fun.

Am looking forward to seeing a group of the Scrap of Faith girls for a crop on Saturday! I soooo need this break without kids (well I'll have Lani, but she's a given while breastfeeding still)... and I hope to even get some scrapping done - I'm not going in till about midday so should give me time to get some sketches together so I can actually do something that doesn't need *too* much brain power.

Oh, and I should probably share a piccie of me and my little neice Emmeson too!

And Uncle Greg and baby Emmeson too:
And here's one of my sis and her baby girl, not the best though. Hopefully I can get a little shoot happening when I see them on Sunday morning :)

Take care and have a fantastically blessed weekend! xxx


Megan said...

Those MCNs are gorgeous Nat. And little bubby Emmeson is so cute. What a precious little girl.

Chrissy said...

Your nappies are just waaaaaaay cute Natti, you are such a great mumma to do this for your babes!! :-)

Have fun with your party tonight, I'm sure you'll have a ball! Michael and I hosted one YEARS ago, I think we were pretty newly married if I remember rightly, sooo long ago now! LOL

Hugs sweetie, see you Saturday!
Chrissy x

Lusi :) said...

Your mcn look amazing! Well done clever you! And how sweet is little Emmeson ;)
Love and hugs to you honey!
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Wow Nat you sure have been busy making all these nappies. I am very impressed. You should sell them on ebay or something. I am sure you would be a BIG success. They are fabulous, well done.

Love these photos of your precious niece. She is adorable. I hope your sister is feeling ok and enjoying motherhood.

How was your Host a Murder party the other night. I hope it all went off well and everyone had fun.

Anyway I better go now and get dinner served. Have a great week and take care. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.