Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Murder, cropping and sitting up...

Our 'How to Host a Murder Party' was so much fun!! Everyone got dressed up and did well to stay in character most of the night. I wasn't the murderer either... but who could ever think I would/could murder my husband (I was the wife of the dead dude. Flabbius Corpus)!! The pics aren't great coz I don't really know how to use our camera at night, and we don't have a good flash or speed-light or anything, but yeah, the memories are still there in the pics.

Greg and I... Greg played 'Maximus Testosterus', military commander; and I played 'Mercedes Acceleratti', rich party girl and wife to the dead guy! (funnily enough, our characters hooked up towards the end of the game - our plan was to be Emperor and Emperess of the known world!

Our friends Ben and Michelle played 'Harangus Adnauseum', philosopher and senator; and 'Rotunda Immaculata', vestil virgin, servant to the Empire.

Mark and Karen played 'Bogus Fortunatus', cult priest; and 'Flotilla Submergia' who owned a large shipping company.

And Marty and Melinda played 'Licentius Caesar', emperor of Rome; and 'Cleptopatra', his love affair and Queen of the Nile.

And poor Flabbius Corpis was played by a basketball, a pillow and a sheet. This role was played VERY convincingly I might add! heehee

None of us had ever been to a murder mystery party before so it was new and exciting ground for all of us. It was GREAT FUN!! Some were worried that conversation would not 'flow' but there are so many things that have to be mentioned each round that everyone's comments just run off eachother, with a few suspicious questions to weasle out information thrown in the mix too. I think everyone would like to do it again, and I know Greg and I are hooked, line and sinker now.... lots of fun!!


Now onto Saturday. I spent a lovely abd relaxing afternoon - JUST what this busy Mumma needed - with the girls from Scrap of Faith. The beautiful Alex was visiting from WA so we thought we'd have a crop. Great idea, and hopefully we'll actually keep it up now, not only when someone comes to visit Brissie!! There was a lovely bunch of girls there, and an equally gorgeous gaggle of cute bubbas to cuddle too. I didn't get much scrapping done - I never d0, BUT I'm quite pleased to say I at least did SOMETHING! I have finished most of a layout, I just need to do a LOT of hand-stitching on it.. for some reason I was possessed to punch holes around a large circle for a hand-stitched accent... the sewing machine was right there, I just didn't quite like my luck at sewing a perfect cirlde... maybe I should have at least tried coz it would have taken a LOT less time.... as it is, I'll have to find a good TV program one night and sew to my heart's content while watching TV! Must try and do that this week.

Anyway, here's a piccie of the girls from the crop (oh and ONE boy - Cowper Clifford!):

L-R: Sal and Cowper; Michelle and Asha; Alex and Joanna; Leanne; Chrissy; Amy and Amalia; Kerryn and Lani and I.

And token 'silly faces' photo" - (Chrissy and Amy, where are your silly faces??)

And one of my beautiful girl and I:

Thanks to Kerryn for letting us use your church kids room - it was so perfect, and I look forward to cropping altogether again soon!

In other news, Lani can *nearly* sit up all by herself! You go girl! She is particularly good propped against this pretty ball... and of course with pillows all around for a soft landing!!

She's very close to crawling too... she moves around a bit like a caterpillar... who knows if this will just be 'her way' or if she'll master the hand-work... she likes to get away from the loungeroom and find her way under and around the dining table. She's made it to the kitchen too. She does NOT like it when you place her back on the mat in the loungeroom, obviously spoiling all her hard work.

I could eat her, she's so delicious.

Well, I need to go to bed. (despite the time this post will say, as I started it yesterday morning, its 4am and I was merely waiting for Lani to go back to sleep... again..... hoping its teething now though as the Bonjella did the job! So I'm off to bed again to get some more sleep!)


Chrissy said...

ROFL Nat! I was too busy laughing at Lani's face when she saw the silly faces behind you, she looked absolutely horrified, made me soooo laugh!!!

Your murder mystery party looks sooo cool honey! What awesome fun that must have been, would so love to do that again one day (we did one almost 20 years ago, so long ago Michael can hardly remember we did it! LOL)

Gayle Smith said...

looks like you have been having a ball lately.
Could you send me those photos of the SoF girls big so I can print and scrap? And if you have any other photos of ppl not in the photo. I would love to do a layout about my SoF girls.

Rowena said...

Looks like heaps of fun Nat!
(both the murder mystery and the SOF get together!)

Lus ;) said...

yay for getting together with the girls hun!
And i can't believe your precious lani is sitting up and nearly crawling! My goodness!
Hugs all round :)
Love Lus x

Megan said...

Looks like you guys had fun at the crop.
And yay for Lani sitting up and nearly crawling. Joel is sitting up now too but he's a frustrated boy cause he so wants to crawl and move but hasn't worked out how to do it yet. He just does 360s on his mat and moves backwards.
They'll get it soon enough (and then we'll be wishing they stayed in one place!!)

Princess Tamara said...

Oh, she is just too cute for words!
I LOVE How to Host a Murder parties ... we haven't had one for ages!!