Friday, January 25, 2008

Bits and pieces...

Don't have a real reason to update, just thought I'd share some random things from my last 2 weeks:
* I did my first 'real' photoshoot last Saturday. I was a little nervous, as I don't know how to use my camera really well, but I played around with the settings a bit, and photoshop is a beautiful thing - I've learnt a few new things in there too! Thanks for the opportunity and your generosity too Alex! I hope you do like the photos.
* School holidays are nearly over! YES!! It's been great having less of a routine and having Jai around to play with too, but we're both ready for school again. Jai's been hounding me to do the naming and covering of his books etc, but I keep putting it off... suppose I should make a start on that or I'll be up all night on Monday night doing it (can totally see myself doing that though!)Bring on next week and a return to my normal schedule!
* Greg is taking some holidays in 2 weeks time. We can't wait! Not sure if we'll go away for the weekend somewhere - might do.... but one thing we are going to do is getting into our 'junk' room and purging and sorting - I think it will mostly be purging coz there's so much un-needed stuff there.... good thing we don't have to pay to go to our dump (and that its only a 2 min drive from our house!). Will be really great for him to get some time off though - he's worked so hard since the end of November - too many hours! So hopefully he'll get the recuperation he (and all of us!) needs.
* Today I am stalking my parcel man.... I have a very special parcel arriving - my SNAP PRESS!! Can't wait to get it and finish off the 5 nappies I've got waiting for snaps for Eli :)
* Sal and I had a play-date yesterday :) Well OK maybe the kids were the ones that played, coz between looking after 7 kids, we didn't get much sewing done at all! I didn't even turn on my machine!! Did cut out a nappy though, and sewed it up last night. Oh, we did go to Spotlight for some new fabric for the nappies :) I got a few cute ones for Eli's nappies, I already have heaps for Lani :)
Well, I should go and do some stuff. Ciao xx
Leaving you with a couple of cute pics of my two babes... yes I know I do have 3 kids... just don't seem to actually take many pics of Jai, oops!


Cass said...

You have such beautiful kids Natti! God has truly blessed you. :)

Karen L said...

Nat glad to hear that Greg is getting some holidays soon - such crazy hours he was working over Christmas - I am hoping that you guys get to have a few days away somewhere. Gorgeous photos of Eli and Lani too.

Chrissy said...

Those pics are just tooooooo adorable sweetie! Even if you didnt get eh chance to sew with Sal there it would have been nice to spend the day together. Maybe once we get back into the whole school routine here I'll get the chance to come over for another visit. Hope so! :-)

Hugs sweetie!