Saturday, July 04, 2009

Another cake...

Greg starts a new job on Monday. We've been waiting 5 (or 6?) long weeks until he was offered the job, so yesterday was a special day with Greg's last day as a contact centre consultant. Next week he's moving up the ranks a little, and across the departments to work in City Waste. He will be a field officer setting up and maintaining a new system of industrial recycling bins for apartment complexes. I'm sure he'll do a great job, and it seems to be a great mix of what he's learnt both as a retail manager and a contact centre consultant with Council. So proud of my man.
And so seeing as though I was home yesterday with Lani sick, I decided to bake him a cake. He's been saying for a few weeks now I could make him a bin cake... and so I did! I don't think he really expected me to, but it was fun, and quick and easy too.

So here it is... a recycling bin, complete with Brisbane City logo and milk bottles and coke bottles!
Eli wanted to make Daddy a red cake, so we also tried out a red velvet cupcake recipe... not too bad, but nowhere near as good as my vanilla cupcakes! The cream-cheese icing is good though!!
We even had a candle and Greg made up his own rendition of Happy Birthday: "Happy new job to meeeeee!!!!!"
And the traditional cutting of the cake... not sure if this is how it's traditionally done though, and Lani looks a little shocked by Daddy's technique!
Having his cake and eating it too!! Yum!! So much icing on the lid there!
The inside of the cake... I made 2 bar cakes, cut them in half and stacked them on top of each other...

But a piece is very hard to fit in one's mouth!!
Happy Saturday! What have you been doing today? We've been up to our church this morning as we're finally moving back into out building after repairs from the Nov 08 storms have *finally* been finished... its very exciting to be going back 'home'... last night we had a 1/2 night of prayer and I went up to the church for about 2.5 hours. Was great to really seek God's words for our church and where he wants us to go next.
We've also been clearing downstairs, as we're having tradies in to do OUR repairs after the storm from last year too.... well some parts... we need a new flooring downstairs as there's a pipe that's broken through the cement floor - BAD reno job of whoever did it!! So new lino, which means clearing out all the things in the playroom, and my sewing room (that one's a big job!) Am thinking its a good opportunity to re-design things and decorate a little down there!! I sort of just plonked things in last time, might finally get some curtains for my room and put some pics up on the wall or something too...
We're off to friends for a BBQ dinner soon. Nice. Life seems to be a little 'back to normal' again... we've been a little hermit-ty lately and I love being with friends and family, so I'm happy!
Hope you have a great rest of your weekend.


Karen L said...

You do an amazing job with your cakes Nat, and I bet Greg enjoyed coming home to find his rubbish bin. Good to hear you are finally moving back into your church after the renovations. Nice to hear you are having a great weekend relaxing and enjoying spending time with friends.

Neek said...

I just love love that cake Nat! Such a cool idea!!!

Gayle said...

wow..what a cool clake! Great photos too nat! So good to see you blogging again so we can see what you are getting up to :)

lusi said...

creative much?
what a cake!!!! you are SO CLEVER Nat!!!!
I missed all these posts for some reason - so glad to see what's been happening honey :)
All my love,
Lus x