Friday, July 17, 2009


I have officially resigned and will be a full-time SAHM in about 4 weeks time.. Woot!!

Have had two days this week to practice this SAHM mum thing with 2 toddlers!! And eek, its going to be tough! My two are at a 'wonderful' stage (mostly the 3 year old one) where they just pick and fight and argue with each other all day - its very draining!!

Yesterday was tough! We don't have access to our playroom (and most of the toys) right now, and it was cold and windy outside and so it was a loooong day inside together! There's only so much movie-watching and duplo building they want to do! We did cook some choc-chip cookies together too though. They enjoyed that. I think cooking will definitely be on the program once or twice a week.

Today was better (so far!)... we went to the shops for about an hour, which wasn't pleasant by all means (they hate being in the pram), but we managed. Then I took them to the park for a run. We maade min pizzas for lunch and now they are asleep, yes! I don't know how I'll handle the days when they don't sleep anymore - I NEED this time!!

Anyway, I'll be needing lots of things to do with them. When our playroom is all fixed (needed new waterproofing so new floors and walls and paint-job - nice!) we'll have all our things back at least. Trainset, dolls, doll house, play kitchen and access to the scrapbooking and painting too. I think I'll try and use some of my ideas from daycare to use at home - different ways of painting, like with fly swats, spray bottles, outside etc, just to shake things up a bit... and we can have playdough on hand all the time... and I think I might be giving my Kids Craft Weekly emails and book a little more of a work-out!!

In all that difficulty, I still really think its the right thing to do. And particularly for Jaidyn. I was able to give him time and help with his homework yesterday afternoon, and this is great. He hasn't been so good at keeping up with his homework each afternoon when he goes home with our friends, so we'll try and do it after dinner with him I think - until I finish work at least...

We've been busy working on (well nagging Jai to work on) his science project on dragonflies and ants. He didn't do a great deal of work on it in school last term when he was supposed to, so his teacher gave him the holidays to do it too... this was a little hard though as he wasn't home a lot, as I was working so he spent a few days/nights here and there at his grandparent's, so not a lot of time to work on it at home. But, we got it finished, got the pictures put in etc, and handed in! Yes!! He did most of it himself, I just helped to put the pictures in the right place and search for them a little on google images. Found out some interesting facts about dragonflies and ants along the way too...

Eli has his first b'day party tomorrow - well, of someone who isn't our friend! He's going to a McDonald's party for his friend from kindy, and he's excited! Fun!

We have starting doing family devotions each night before bed. Yeah, pretty slack that we haven't done previously, but we are now. It's been pretty good so far. Well, Eli and Lani don't really listen, but we'll get there. Its the seed we're planting, and they participate in praying together so that's good enough!

I have been requested by my mate at work to make him a police car cake for his b'day on Monday, so guess what I'm doing Sunday night? Should be fun! When I'm a 'lady of leisure' as one of my bosses said (yeah sure, you try having a 2 & 3 yr old at home - its NOT leisure by any means!! Ha!).. I plan to try out some of my cupcake recipes and cake recipes too and get a bit of a group of 'good' cakes for me to make for b'day cakes etc... I am going to make my friend a 2-tier cake for her baby shower in Sept, so that will probably be my first 'more elegant' cake... I am keep to try lots of different ways of doing things, and who knows if I might be able to get a little money on the side from selling specialty cakes too... we'll see!!

Anyway, need a coffee, and to do something more productive (read: housework) while the monkeys are asleep...

Ciao xx

P.S. I'm not doing too badly at this updating thing huh?? ;)
P.P.S. Will need to get some pics happening too huh.


Nic Wood said...

Sounds like you have had a weight lifted off your shoulders Nat!
Only some one who has never been a SAHM would call your descision - becoming a lady of leisure! Its really hard work - and its really hard to stay focused on the important things. But you are so right - the important things are you and your family, and their happiness and well being - all the other stuff can take a back seat!

Nic xxx

i replied to your comment on my blog - left some links there for you too.

lusi said...

hi honey :)
I'm with you all the way - tough but so woeth it hey. Sowing seeds now that you will reap in a harvest of righteousness down the track :)
Keep pressing into Him mate and He will lead and guide you 100% of the way!
Love you,
Lus x

Chrissy said...

It will all be worthwhile honey, not always easy but challenging and rewarding for sure, praying for you during this transition time...

Love ya darl!
Chrissy x

DenimAngel said...

What a great post Nat. You sound relieved just at the idea of changing things even before it all falls into place. I'm sure it will work out well. I totally understand having a 2 and 3 year old running around lol, that's what I have right now too plus my bubba belly.

MadMel said...

Hey Nat!

Oh isn't it great fun being a SAHM. It's hard work but is well worth it and I think you will do fine.

We try and get out of the house daily, cook every 2nd day and spend lots of time playing together.

Are you in a good city area? Maybe you could look around and find some groups or activities.

Kinda Gym, Playgroups (we go to 2), the library often have reading and singing groups, mothers groups, prekinda.

It really does make the day go faster and they will probably not fight as much. Some days it's a mad house here, usually when it's horribly wet and we stay home, they get bored and fight all day. It is very exhausting.

Lady of leasure HAHA that's funny! They obviously haven't been a SAHM before ;)