Monday, July 27, 2009

New Do... and a wedding...

I spent a lovely relaxing 3 hours at the hairdressers on Friday. They had a special of 3 services for $99 so I took advantage and had a style cut, colour and foils... I only ever get colour/foils when they're on special, so it was nice to have a little indulgence. I like my hair long (so does DH), and want to grow it longer, so I have kept most of my length and just had it re-styled and a fringe cut again. I went with a chocolate brown colour mixed with a bit of red, and red foils. The foils aren't as noticeable as I had hoped, but they look good in the sun particularly! I will have to take some pics in the sun, but here's some I took the other night at my friend's wedding (yes I took them of myself, lol!)... (actually, you can't really even see the foils at all here - it was night-time!)

We went to the wedding of a good friend of mine from highschool - Roxy and Robin. They have been together for 7 years and finally tied the knot at The Spit beach near SeaWorld, where they first met. It was a little windy, but was still a lovely service. Here's a few snaps.

Walking down the 'aisle' with her Dad. What bride wouldn't wear pluggers on the beach!?

Exchanging rings... (they were clever and put ribbons on them just in case they dropped in the sand!)
The kiss - how cute is this dip!!
Mr and Mrs Coleman!!
And a little speech at the reception...

Roxane was a beautiful bride in a gorgeous vintage-style dress. It was so nice to share this special day with her and Robin - we have been friends for 15 years!!

I also got to have a little chat with her younger sister, Jacqui who loves my nappies and wants some. She's just started her own small business making stone casts of baby's hands and feet, much like the businesses Twinkly Toes or Lasting Impressions... except as she tells me, she's cheaper! AND she also does kitty or puppy friends paw casts too - so cute! So if you're looking at getting some casts of your little one as keepsakes, and you're in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area, search her on FaceBook (Lil' Sunshine) and book an appt. Tell her I sent you too!

5 more days..... I'm not counting much huh??

5 things I'm thankful for today:
1. iTunes and listening to worship music
2. Orange chocolate (thanks Marion)
3. My SOF girls
4. God's grace
5. That we have mad-cleaned the house for our inspection tomorrow! Yay, love having a clean house - pity it won't last long :(

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