Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big girl bed :(

Now that Lani is two, and definitely not a baby anymore, we thought we'd get around to buying her a new bed.

Greg picked up the last parts today and assembled it.... I picked out a doona cover today, and now she has almost all she needs for her new big bed!!

Here's a picture I took just before... she's gone to sleep no problem, let's pray it lasts all night!

I am actually looking forward to finishing the decorating of her room, now that all the furniture 'matches'... (she used to have a Nemo toddler bed which REALLY didn't go with the butterfly canvases and white/green curtains!)
It was a little tricky to find a doona set that went well with the green and pink butterfly canvases and the green gingham in the curtains. I found this one, which I think will work pretty well.
I plan to give the curtains a good wash first, and then I think I'll add a few more strips of fabric or ribbon to tie in the purple, pink and yellow better too... then a few photos around her room, a 'LANI' for one of those walls above her bed and hopefully in a little while we'll get rid of the change table (that you can't see in this pic) and I'll get her one of those open box bookshelves (Ikea Expedit style) to put in its place. I've seen a pic of one in a mag that looked lovely with bright coloured boxes and some baskets too in it to hold things.... so I think I might do that - when the time and finances come available!!
Well, that's all tonight!
P.S. Things still in progress with my resignation, but I've pretty much done it! Feels awesome!


Karen L said...

Love the bedspread - I am sure her room will look a picture when it is finished. Sarah says our bracelets are Pandiva nor Pandora but we had awesome fun picking our beds together and we still have room for another half dozen or so.

Miss cath said...

I love doing up the kids rooms but they seem to grow up so much more each time! Have fun Nat - love the doona it is gorgeous

Katie said...

Lani's girly room looks so cute...can't believe she's a big girl now!

Chrissy said...

Oh honey I remember standing in that same room with you while you showed me your little princess for the first time, she was sleeping in her cot as we looked at the curtains you'd made... and now WOW the same room but a big girl bed. You are so blessed love... :)

lusi said...

Wow mate - was that the room I slept in? Looks fantastic and Lani is a blessed little princess :)
Love the colours!
And reallly glad to hear you are feeling good about the new direction the Lord is leading you in.
Love you always,
Lus x