Monday, October 31, 2005

I must scrap today, I must scrap today.

I have to keep telling myself. Else I'll end up at this computer bumming all day. It's easy to do. I'm terrible.

Actually, more card-making than scrapping. Have a party coming up and the girl wants some Christmas craft samples. Better get my butt into gear hey? Christmas cards, christmas cards. Can you believe its only 7 weeks away though. I really *should* be getting stuck into them anyhow. If I'm going to that is.

With money tight this time of year (isn't it for everyone?) - we've got Dad's, Jaidyn's, 2 friends, and Greg's birthdays all within 4 weeks of Christmas, bother - I really do need to make some gifts if I can. Cut down on the costs if I can. Any ideas? What's good for Mum? She usually likes some little album-thing... in fact I don't know if I've ever made her one. Yes, she needs one. Specific ideas anyone?

Nice..... I got a nice long sleep-in today. Could have kept going really. Except its getting hot. Might be another stinker whereby I will hibernate in my air-conditioned room this afternoon. Jaidyn went to Toowoomba with my folks for my cousins 18th party yesterday afternnon. Is missing preschool today - first time ever this year I think. Oh well. No doubt he'll be home before I know it.

Should also get off the net so I can call the doctors. Call some clients. Do the groceries. Blergh... house-wife stuff.... boring... such is my life huh.


Natasha said...

you could do a big matchbook thing with photos from this year, or even a tag book, its probably a bit late to be planing a proper album. I've been working on the album I am doing for my mum's birthday since january and I don't think it will be finished by next month! OMG what am I going to do? lol

Tam said...

Oh, Nat. I got the Donna Downey book 'Creative Journals' and it's got heaps of fab gifty ideas - altered note pads and the like. Her 'Creative Albums' is ace too. Let me know if you want more info! Good luck with the household stuff - blah!

Roz said...

Hey Natti, it;s not boring wifey house stuff! Look at it a little differently and it makes a big difference, trust me babe!! Enjoy it :o)

Roz xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,
Just heard about your pregnancy!!!! YAH!!!!! Congratulations to you and Greg. I'm so excited for you. What a blessing. I pray that this pregnancy will be an awseome time for you and that you treasure every bit of it. I'll have to keep checking out your blog to see how you are going. Haven't been going on the SB sites for the past 2 months. Found myself addicted and had my priorities all out of wack.
Well Congrats again.
Gayle S

Nat-Mardon said...

Thanks Gayle! We're really excited!I can understand that 'addiction' - I too was spending far too much time on the computer. You just have to weigh these things up hey and realise what's the important things in life. Keep in touch.
Nat :)