Friday, November 04, 2005

Maternity clothes, craft and BBQs...

I just can't wait to wear them. I can't wait till my belly grows and I can really see there's a little life growing in there, a little life that is so wanted in our new little family. Lol, I even want to feel fat and have an excuse! I did a spot of shopping yesterday - to pick up some craft supplies, a present for Dad, all those little odds and ends that you need to do. I also happened to walk past a Maternity shop that even when I wasn't pregnant I wanted to look in. So of course I went in. It was soooo nice! And I was even pleasantly surprised at the prices. Thinking they would all cost an arm and leg I was happy to see prices you might find in many clothes stores such as Portmans or Sussan. A little more than I usually pay (Target, Kmart) but still definitely within reach, and a lot nicer and better made than the maternity wear in Kmart and Target I think. Room 42 it's called. Erica, if you have one nearby, you'll have to go and have a look. I know what I'm going to ask for for Christmas - Room 42 vouchers!

Ok, so my belly is still my own (even though it could be mistaken for a pregnant one, lol), but I have been feeling really yucky in my normal clothes, a bit bloated and definitely not wanting to wear tight clothes. The clothes in here were so nice! I was eyeing off some party dresses that were on sale, but unfortunately looked hideous on me! I also tried on some nice wrap tops (mainly to cover my fadoobadas - tuckshop arms) and she gave me a pair of black pants to try on with them as I was wearing a dress. I put these on and had to check I had put them on right because the hems actually reached the ground! Now, if you know how tall I am, you'll understand why I was surprised. I NEVER find pants that are long on me - and if I do, they are a specified 'long' length... so of course now I'm totally sold on the black pants - and they happened to look really flattering, and the black top with turquoise wrap looked so good too... I want some money or vouchers NOW! LOL.... well anyway, that's enough blabbing about that.. I did buy a little maternity top from Kmart though. I first tried on the baby-doll tops from the regular section but they were totally just wrong - the boob bit was not wide enough to go over your whole boobs and it was just yuck. So I found one similar in the maternity section (black, my favourite colour) and it looked so much better. More flattering, even though its a maternity top - strange. But I bought it and its so comfy coz I don't have to worry about wobbly belly bits hanging out, having to pull my top up or just feeling trapped in a tight top. It's nice and long too.

Gosh, I just realised how much I wrote about a few items of clothing. Oops, sorry to bore you there.

What else? Oh, last night I did a class with some ladies from my old church. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere... and there were Mint Slice so of course I was happy! lol... 2 of the ladies made accordion albums and one wanted to do something different so I helped her get started on 6 frames that she's making for nieces and nephews for christmas - thanks to Erica for helping me with the idea - I think they worked out pretty well and she was very happy with it. So yeah, it was nice to get a bit of money in the hand for that. And for once, we didn't go and blow it on take-away today (although I really wanted KFC chips!).

Greg has 3 days off work, so we are having friends over for a BBQ tomorrow night - thanks for the idea Tam! I'm so looking forward to it. All great friends from our church and I just love having BBQs.... now just to do a spot of cleaning tomorrow to make sure the house is clean.

I've still been really slack in the craft department. I really should be making christmas samples for my CK demo thats in a week and a bit, but I just can't seem to get into anything. Guess it doesn't help when I don't have much christmassy stuff to work with. Hopefully I'll get a bit done on Tuesday when I'm crafting with my CK team leader.

Anyway, that's enough from me. That's if you're still with me, lol.
Have a great weekend all,
Nat xx


Tam said...

Oh Nat, I really hope you manage to get those pants - I know how hard it is to find good pants that fit! Have a great bbq tomorrow. I'll be joining you with the cleaning :)

xxx tam

Natasha said...

oh my, your lucky to find some decent maternity clothing that doesn't cost a fortune, I never had anything decent when I was pregnant, hopefully you will be able to get some soon...

JULIE LOVE said...

Nat it certainly sounds like you are already beaming with your pregnancy!!! hope you are having a fun BBQ

Roz said...

yay Nat!! How cool that you've found an affordable clothing shop!! They really seem to hike the prices up for maternity wear hey!!

Hope your weekend was lovely!!

R xo