Saturday, October 01, 2005

Off to Shari's...

I'm off to Shari's for the weekend/night! Yay! Can't wait to catch up with my wonderful friend, play scrapping (hopefully!) and let the boys play together! Will be great! Of course I still haven't packed, so as soon as I'm finished on here, I will have to!

I'm hoping I do well at the demo this arvo. It's my second one, and first with people I don't know (except you Shari!) so I want to do as well as I can. So many products to try to think about and to demonstrate, but I think I have my run-through changed just a little from last time so hopefully I do OK!

Mostly, I'm just looking forward to hanging out with Shari! What fun!

Have a great weekend all, see you next week :)

Nat xx


Roz said...

ahh, I bet you had a fab time!! And I know that you got some sales ;o) Well done missy!!

Roz xo

Erica Glover said...

Oooh, i am so jealous!!

Glad to hear that you got some sales and the experience would have been great too.

Your off and running now girl!!
Erica xx

Shari said...

Thank you so much Natti for coming up - it was great to hang out and hope we can do it again soon!! You did so well at your demo - I'm sure that you'll be kicking arse at this Crafty Kids stuff real soon!
Shari xxxxx