Monday, November 14, 2005

Busy little bee...

Have had a rather busy weekend, and will be the same way for much of this week.

Saturday was house-hunting. Went to see one out near Mum and Dads. Was crappy and old though. Had a quick swim and some lunch there before heading into the northern suburbs to look at two, that just happened to have the SAME inspection time - gggrr.... was early to the first though, so I made it to both. First was a bit worn-down. Second was great though! So we put in an application... still waiting to hear if we got it but should know tomorrow. It's in Ferny Hills, a lovely suburb with lots of hills, parks and generally families it seems. This house is at the top of one street/hill so has great views and breezes from the wrap-around deck. Nice... 3 bedrooms upstairs, and a rumpus *plus* an extra room downstairs, which I'm hoping to claim for my scrapping room! Might still have to share with Greg and the computer though - bum... I want to decorate it all nice! Great big backyard too so Jaidyn will actually be able to fun around... also a mango tree but you have to beat the possums to the mangoes unfortunately. So prayers and fingers crossed for us please...

Had a Crafty Kids demo yesterday. Made the most I ever have at a party - a nice $500 in sales, so $90 for 3 hours work, not too bad. I have well and truly earnt over what I spent on my kit now, yay! So now its all in the pocket!

This week I have lots to do.

Craft class on Wednesday, which will go for the whole school hours at least.

Ed Qld Interview Friday, so have to prepare for that. Have been out of the whole teacher-thing for 6 months, so I hope I can still do well!

Jaidyn's b'day party on Saturday! Yikes - kids party! This is the first we will have had with lots of kids coming... have got the invitations out, so that's a start. Just have to do all the menu shopping and making, find or make a pinnata, and work out how I'm going to do his cake.... I suck at cakes, so I'm thinking of going with the individual cupcakes (less likely to melt too) and will hunt around for some batman edible discs or something to put on top.....

And in between all that, packing, packing and more packing... and some house-work too.... we move in about 2 or 3 weeks..... better get a move on hey...

Hope you have a great week all!

Nat xxx


Tam said...

You ARE busy this week! Hoping for that house for you - sounds great. And that you get some teaching work to help you out before bubs comes along.

Enjoy it!

Deb said...

Hope you get that house!!!

Ferny hills is a lovely area - you'll love it there :)

Roz said...

oooh, fingers crossed for the house!! My good friend lives at Ferny Hills, would be cool to have 2 of you there lol!!

And yay on your bumper sales!! woohoo!!

And all the best for Jai's party!!

Roz xo

Ali :-) said...

Fingers crossed for the new place, Nat!!! Shame we never got to see the "current" one though!

Hope you have a great week and that Jai's party goes smoothly