Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend news

Had a lovely weekend. While Saturday was spent pottering around and cleaning the house, it was worth it Saturday night when we had friends from church over for a BBQ. It seems ages since we've entertained at our house, and it was so nice to have people around. There were 6 couples that came, 5 married and one just dating. But it was so delightfully nice to now have this many couples of friends that we have things in common with. Unlike at our old church where we just didn't fit in, these 5 married couples are all under 30, two of them have children and all of us have been married under 3 years. It was just so nice to have friends!!

We cooked up the BBQ, ate our fill, drank mainly softdrink, chatted lots and lots and then played Pictionary. Greg and I just love playing this with friends. We decided to play in couples, which may not be the best as some couples thought it could cause marriage problems... lol..... "can't you see that's a horse?" "How am I supposed to get a cat out of that...." and so on... lol... we didn't get to finish the game though as the couple with 4 kids had a whingy 2-yr old who wouldn't go to sleep so had to take him home... but it was such a good night!

Sunday we went to church (yay, as a family as Greg had the day off!) and there was an interesting sermon about suicide. James, on of the youth pastors made up a video clip to begin with of pictures, music and statistics of suicide in Australia, and I found myself absolutely bawling within a minute or so of it. My best friend committed suicide when we were in Year 12, and I think it was that, plus maybe eve na little pregnancy hormones as I can usually compose myself about it nowadays.... it was a sad and interesting sermon. James interviewed young adults in Brisbane about whether suicide is ok, and it was alarming their responses. While many said its not ok, and a few said they would never consider it, there were a lot of answers that said it depends on the circumstances and a couple of girls even said it was ok coz their lives were shit... Wow! You just want to reach out and hug them! Its so sad when they obsiously don't have the hope of Jesus in their lives...

Anyway, after church we went to my Mum and Dad's for afternoon tea, as it was Dad's b'day on Saturday. We always get fed well at Mum's. Ended up watching Harry Potter and stayed till it was dark. So we didn't really have tea. Poor Jaidyn was hungry and tired so we sent him to bed with a banana for sustanence!!

Well today, was meant to go to the Coast with the girls for lunch, but very broke. So I think I'll just potter around here, maybe clean up a little, search for some real estate, organise to see some maybe, and even have a nice sleep! My car has something wrong with it (AGAIN!) - maybe a wheel bearing or something, so I don't really feel safe driving it (its going in to shop Wednesday), so I think I'll be walking to pick up Jaidyn today and some groceries.

Nat xx


Tam said...

Yay for your bbq, Nat! We love to get the board games out too :o) Have a great week!

Roz said...

Hey Natti, glad you had a lovely weekend!! We are board game fans too!!

Roz xo

Natasha said...

glad to hear you had a nice weekend. Sucks about your car, ours had steering problems the other week, discovered it was low on power steering fluid, put more in, was fine for a day then was bad again, discovered it was leaking! So now we have spent a fortune on mechanic bills, the kids loved it though as we got a guy that would come to out place and do it, so they got to watch LMAO...

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great weekedn Nat- and yeah for you- 'preaching it' on your blog :) Luv ya