Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dealt a shit blow...

Have had a bit of a shit day today.

For one, I've really been feeling the 'morning sickness'. Been headachy all day and haven't been sleeping very well the last few nights, so I was sooo tired...

We got a phone call from Greg's boss today. Good news we thought. Yes, they've found him a home store - finally. But however, its the Victoria Point store. Look at the map of Brisbane and that's aaaages away from where we wanted to be. Away from our new church, away from the new friends we've made and love, even heaps far away from my parents. Basically, it will mean starting over really. I douby many of my friends will want to travel an hour to see us too often, nor my parents. Yeah, its pretty shit. I guess not shit in that our house hasn't been burnt down and we haven't lost everything, we haven't been through a tsunami or a hurricane, but in the scheme of where we thought our life was going, its still shit. Had a nice cry about it this morning. It will mean having to find a new church (again - and that was agonising enough), new friends, finding a reputable school for Jaidyn when I know nothing about the area. Its just really not where we wanted to go. Really, it was almost the worst store in Brisbane they could have put him. Go figure, they tell us we can look for houses in both Western and Northern suburbs of Brisbane and then place us at the furthest Eastern end of Brisbane possible.... go figure. And we've wasted all that time looking for houses on the west and north side now too.

So anyway, Greg has asked whether they can find any other store. Funny, now we're even prepared for him to go out to Ipswich, coz it would mean we could still live western suburbs and even travel to church. Vicky Point is just totally near nothing and no-one we know. If this is in God's plan, I'm really stumped as to how. Now I don't doubt God and His plan, I know he's got us in His hands, and a purpose for whatever it does, but it just seems He placed us in a new church we love, we've made friends, we had our heart set on going north and now its all about to change. I just don't get it.

So yeah, one phonecall can have changed everything really. I don't want to go that far away. I'm pregnant, I don't work, I need my family and friends around me. I need them to sustain what little life I seem to have. Vicky Point means I'll have no-one anywhere near me. Whinge, whinge, whinge... I know it probably seems like that, and I should be happy Greg has a store - and I am, we just are not so happy about where..

Then again, Vicky Point is right on the beach - and the porthole to the Redland Bay Islands, so it could be fun..... just such a big change I'll have to get used to. I'll have to go out and make new friends.

Well, I guess tomorrow they'll tell Greg what the go is. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers going up for us to stay somewhere more inner city suburbs please!!


Brooke said...

Oh babe... that's just the worst news ever :o( *hugest huggles* So exciting about Greg getting a store... but how awful! I really hope he can convince them to put him elsewhere :o(

But maybe there IS a reason for it... and you won't know that till you go there and give it a chance. I moved an hour away from my friends and family for my job... and it IS hard... I had to make new friends, too, and put in a bit more effort to see my family. But your REAL friends will make that effort to see you, babe... as will your family. It sucks about your church, and Jai's school... I'm praying for you that you'll find an even better church and a fantastic school for your little boy. And on the bright side... I guess house prices will be cheaper out there? :o)

Hope it doesnt sound like I'm dismissing your bad news... just trying to help you look on the bright side.

I'm here if you want to talk, babe...

Erica Glover said...

Oh Natti you poor thing, you sound miserable. I really hope that things work out for you guys, you were so enjoying the new church and your new friends and i hope that things change and you guys get to stay nearby.

You never know though, the move might have hidden benefits and could be perfect for you guys.

Whatever happens I hope you find a way to come to terms with it
E xxx

Tam said...

Oh sweetie. So sorry that this has turned your world upside-down. I'll be praying that either Greg gets something else, or that you can do the move and be totally happy. Thinking of you, mate.
Tam xxx

Roz said...

Oh Nat, you poor thing :o( I know where Vic Point is, and yes, it's far away from your 'life'!! But Like Ck said, you just don't know what surprises may be over there a-waiting for you!!

I will have my fingers crossed for some better news for you today.

Love ya
Roz xo

Nat-Mardon said...

Thanks so much girls, you are just the best. I know that if we have to move, it's for a reason, and I'll be doing my best to make a life over there, and who knows, it might even be temporary and Greg can get a promotion asap...

Thanks for helping me see the positives... and B, not really much cheaper, but on the water!! Nice!!

Nat xx