Friday, November 11, 2005

I am loving....

Thanks Tam, I'm going to be positive today and lift your post!

I am loving..... THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE TO VICKY POINT!! Wahooo!!! The bosses gave Greg the option of going back to Salisbury store until they can find him a permanent home store! We are so happy about that! Now, its just back to house-hunting.... which is frustrating because really we don't know where he's likely to get posted to, and frankly, once I have Jaidyn enrolled in a school, I really don't want to have to move him again, its so not fair on him. So we have to weigh up where he's more likely to get a spot... hopefully the bosses can give Greg and inkling... and we'll move there. It will either be Western suburbs (near my Mum and Dad) or Northern suburbs (near church and friends where I *really* want to be).... so lots of praying ahead. At least God knows where we'll be so hopefully he can help us know where to move to.. we're running out of time too - only a few weeks...

I am loving.... that I have got the first box packed! I always leave packing to the last minute but I started yesterday with some of Jaidyn's room (which is so messy it really needs to be packed first)... now just to get some packing tape so I can get stuck into the rest... it's a big job!!

I am loving... that I get to see my Mum today. Jaidyn and I are going over for a swim and lunch.

I am loving... that I'm also going to go and look at a few digital cameras today. Greg and I have decided that we will buy *us* a digi for Christmas. We can't afford a Rebel or an SLR and I'm coming to terms with it... and really I don't know why I need one - I've never used an SLR in my life - so a good digi it will be! Yay, I'll get to take photos and scrap again soon!!

I am loving... that I have great friends who come and read my blog, and who care about what's happening in my life and who are there to support me all the time!

I am loving.... that there is a tiny life growing inside me. I so can't wait until I can feel him or her, but I know that growinga human takes time and I have faith that God is looking after her in there!!!

Have a great day all xxx


Erica Glover said...

Yaaaaay, so happy for you about the move, what a relief!!!

Love the ositive spin in your post too Natti, i have a big smile on my face now so thanks for making my day more upbeat!!

E xxxx

Tam said...

sweet, you sound so happy today!! i'm so glad that the whole move thing worked out for you (and so quickly - yay!). and happy that you've got so many things making you feel good today :o)

have a great weekend xxx

Roz said...

See, prayers do work hey!! That's such great news Nat, I should have read your blog before I emailed you lol!

Deb said...

Yay! I'm glad you are feeling more postive Natti :)

Everything will work out!!

Sarah said...

I am loving that post! So glad you are feeling more positive, things will all work out for you :)