Friday, June 16, 2006

{About a Boy}

I have decided to start a blog for my little man Elijah. There I will document all his little milestones, the things he enjoys, how I'm feeling etc. I want to make sure these things are documented, for use in scrapbooking and just to look back on later in life... if you'd like to check in from time to time the link is over on my sidebar unmistakenly named 'Eli's blog'...

Oh and SUPER EXCITING NEWS!! Our best friends Ben and Michelle told us last night that they are PREGNANT!! I'm sooooo excited! Bubs is due January 20. Terrible time to be pregnant I say, but Chelle is thin so I'm sure she'll handle the heat ok... They are just going to be the best parents ever! And we can all play babies together... Congratulations guys!!

Also, Michelle's sister Karen was due on Monday and I haven't heard from her in the last couple of days - surely here baby has to come today if it wasn't last night!! Her and her husband are our other really great friends! Its so cool that we're all having babies together!!

Definitely the season for it.

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Madamx81 said...

i want a baby too...just to play with, i'll have my own in about 2 years!!!! I LOVE BABIES!!!!! This is why i love reading your blog(s) so much...keep it coming kiddo. Also, how is your mum???