Saturday, June 03, 2006


Some time to update my blog!

Goodness me its hard to find time with a newborn. It's all about being organised and doing everything in 2-3 hour slots. And it seems that everytime I've tried to get on here this past week, I've got caught up chatting to someone in MSN or Elijah wakes up or something else that a woman/wife/mother needs to do!

Boy, its been a busy few weeks. Lots of things going on in my life, and not just becoming a new mum. So I'll let you know in as short a form as I can, as I know you don't want to be reading all day long!

Firstly, Elijah:
Well, he's pretty much an angel. And I'm not just saying that as a biassed doting mother. I think I've lucked out in the 'good baby' stakes again, much to the disgrace of both mine and Greg's mothers - as we were quite 'horror' children (so 2 wrongs CAN make a right!)... he's sleeping well, feeding well, just being generally gorgeous. As most babies do, he gets a little unsettled around early evening, and I'm not sure if this could also be due to a lack of quality or quantity in my milkat this time of day, but I've been doing what I can - having a got shower before I feed him to stimulate the milk supply, as well as having feeds a little closer together at that time of day. He's doing well though.

We've established quite a good routine already. He has pretty naturally fallen into a 3 hour feeding routine - and often longer as he sleeps too long! lol... but I'm not worried really. He's also easily following the routine I had planned of feed, waketime, sleep... so I'm chuffed about that too! Who knows what could happen over the next few weeks though, but I hope he continues this well!

Bath-time is our favourite time of day. Eli just loves his bath! And he has the nicest wake-time afterwards. I love this time of day! He particulalry loves being on his tummy in the bath - it seems to really relax him!

Jaidyn and Eli are getting on really well. Jaidyn just loves being a big brother and loves just to watch Eli and talk to him and hold him when he can. Unfortunately with school during the day, and with a newborn eating and sleeping as much as they do, Jai doesn't get a *lot* of time to hold him, but I try to make sure he gets one in the morning and one in the afternoon at least. It's special bonding time for both of them.

Secondly, my Mum:
Boy, what a couple of weeks its been! As most of you know, my Mum went in for a procedural hysterectomy on the 15th May for cancer treatment. She was not looking so good all week after this and finally by Friday they realised something was wrong as her kidneys hadn't really regained function after the operation. Friday they took her to Intensive Care and performed an operation to try and see what the problem was. Due to the anaesthesia though, her heart rate dropped a heap so they had to sedate her further and had her stable but on a lot of machines and drugs to do so. Gosh, what a night that was. Greg and I went into the hospital to be with Dad coz he was a bit of a wreck. Mainly because we didn't know what the problem was. But the doctors had to find out, so with fairly high risks for her heart etc, they had to cut her open (so much for the key-hole hysterectomy) and see what the problem was. Finally they found it! (and we fully believe it was God, because we had soooo many people praying for direction for her doctors) During the procedure, they must have *nicked* her bowel and her wastes and such were spilling out and poisoning her body. So they fixed that. Then was the slow recovery in ICU. It seems though that the Friday night just mentioned, her body was starting to give up as we seemed to have problem on problem present itself in this last week. Firstly her kidneys took a while to recover. Then it was her lungs. They say one was partly collapsed, and they were afraid of a shadow that was on one too - had to make sure it wasn't pnemonia. She slowly got off the ventilator. Then there was a slight outbreak of some infection in ICU and the person next to her tested positive so they have had her in isolation also. My poor Mum and family have been through quite an ordeal this week!

Finally though, Mum got out of ICU after a week or so. She is in Ward now, and will probably be for another week. Her wound is slightly infected so they have to keep cleaning that and then she'll be out! Can't wait!

She hasn't even met little Elijah yet! That is the hardest part. I went through it all and am still without my Mum. Mum and I are pretty close, and she is so desparate to meet the little man, but the doctors have said not to take him in in case of infection or anything like that and you just can't risk that. So she's seen photos but that's all... can't wait until she's home and she can meet her new little grandson.

Thankyou so so so much to everyone who has been sending up prayers and vibes this way. We have never needed as much prayer and thoughts as we have this week or so. Thankyou.

Thirdly, Greg finally got his promotion!
He will be the Store Manager of the new ALDI store at Toombul starting in a few weeks. We are so happy about this and I'm so proud of him. It seems its been a long time in coming and it was great to finally hear those words of promotion from the big boss, rather than just hear-say that its been for a few weeks/months even. The store opens around the 29th June. We'll have to deal with Greg working long hours the two weeks prior to this, but hopefully we'll be settled enough to handle it.
So yay honey!

So yes, I won't bore you with any more, as I know this is well and truly enough for one post/day. If you made it to the end, well done.

Love yas, N xx


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Wow Nat what big a blog update. Thanks for sharing all your news. I am so happy the boys are bonding and giving you all so much pleasure. How adorable:)

I am still thinking and praying for your mum and am sure if she has made it this far she must be a fighter. Keep positive!

Having her new grandson to see will make her get well soon I'm sure. What a special moment that will be when she first gets to hold him.

Congrats to Greg for his promotion. That's wonderful.

Have a great week and keep warm. Thanks once again for your update. I always like to read your news :)

Bec said...

I am so happy to read your mum is doing ok now, what a huge scare that was for you all! Will send up a few more prayers just to be safe though! So happy Jai and Eli are getting along, and congrats to Jaidyn on becoming a big brother..its a very big step up in life (I made a huge fuss of my son becoming a big brother) And congrats to your hubby on his promotion...thats excellent news!
So glad everything is working out well for you, love and best wishes,

Kylie said...

Oh Nat! You poor things - what an ordeal! I hope it is nothing but uphill from now for your Mum - I had tears while reading about her - the poor thing!

Congrats to Greg, Aldi have awesome white chocolate - I LOVE IT! LOL!

Tam said...

yay, yay, and yay! so glad to hear about all the answered prayers, sweetie - you deserve it!

Chris Millar said...

Oh my goodness Nat, I had no idea that you were going through such a hard time lately! Your poor mum! I'm glad to hear she's back on the ward and recovering. And your little man is just adorable!

Jade said...

Hi Natti

Wow... what a couple of weeks for you!! I am glad to hear your Mum is on the mend and Eli is settling well into the world. I have a card and a small pressie for you that I wanted to post and then realised I don't even have your address. Will have to catch you on MSN. Great news about Greg's promo too!! We currently shop at Coles Toombul so when the ALDI opens we will have to change to support Greg's store!!
Talk soon, love Jade :)