Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thanks Shazz :)

Oooh, I received a beautiful gift for Elijah from Shazz and her family last week... and I keep forgetting to say thankyou (have lost your email address again sorry Shazz)...

... so THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! It was totally unexpected and totally gorgeous and totally too much!! I love it, thanks so much :)

How cute!


Shazz said...

you are more than welcome nat. i just hope the little suit fits eli.....i am hopeless with sizes.
i thought the toy was nice and bright but you are lucky it arrived in one piece.
i sat it in the cello on the lounge and one of our psycho dogs saw it as a threat and spent all day growling at it.

kathie said...

LOL about Shazz's dog growling at the toy :). He's gorgeous! Aren't kids toys the best? I have such a hard time in toy stores. Groan. Shazz, you are just a beautiful soul.

Chris Millar said...

They are just the cutest clothes! What a sweetie you are Miss Shazz!