Sunday, June 25, 2006

A great weekend

It's been a pretty awesome weekend here. Greg had both days off so that's always a plus! Friday night I did some scrapping - despite the printer chucking a hissy fit, I just decided to print photos out on plain paper which for some reason works fine, and use them instead - and while it will probably take me another week to finish the layout, it was some scrapping all the same! Jaidyn and I are planning to make Mum a little concertina album about him and Elijah over the school holidays so I've got lots more scrapping to do now - Mum's projects included. :)

Yesterday started slow. Greg had to go into work for 1/2 hour which ended up being 1/2 the day... so I just pottered around here, did bits and pieces of housework and just pottering in general. Then when Greg came home we went out as a family. Had lunch together (just foodcourt stuff) then Greg took Jaidyn to see 'Cars'. I couldn't really go with Eli, so I just walked around the shops. Also saved $13 on a movie (man, they're expensive these days!), so of course I spent it elsewhere.... managed to find a few tops in BigW so I had a successful day. Have been looking for some new tops for the last few days. Everywhere has been crap - Target, Kmart, Rockmans, Crossroads.... always happens that I seem to find stuff in cheap old BigW! Yay, which in turn means I can buy more than one... I got 4 tops - 3 for $15 and one for $10 - bargain! Still haven't found any jeans - mainly because I'm refusing to admit I'm a size bigger - but THAT'S a different story! So that was a great afternoon..

And last night I was going to scrap again, but had an email from my gorgeous new friend Lusi with her phone number so I called her and spend ages chatting about anything and everything! Lusi, you're amazing! Such an inspiration in every sense of the word - spiritually, creatively, and with my weight loss challenges too. God has truly blessed me by bringing you into my life right now. Doesn't He just have a wonderful way of bringing us people and situations and revelations at just the right time!! Soooo looking forward to many more chats with you girl.

This morning we had a great spirit at church. After last night's chat with Lusi, I just felt inspired, in awe of God and hungering His Holy Spirit more (thanks Lus!). So today was a great service.

Afterwards, we had a BBQ with our cell group at the local park. Great stuff! Just love love love my church friends, and always love having a get-together with them. The boys all played soccer (Greg got nicknamed Viduca, lol, for some reason, lol) and we played Mums... my friend Karen had her new baby boy there, and Michelle who's pregnant, and me! Fun all round. Love these guys! Love God for placing them in my life :)

And tonight we're going around to Karen and Mark's (same ppl as above) to play games and just chill out. I'm sure I'll be really tired tomorrow but I'll just have to sleep then huh!

Hope you're all having a great weekend too!
N xx

Oh, and I believe this is my 100th post - gosh, to think I have enough to say to fill 100 posts...


lusi said...

OMGosh Nat! (you know how much I love saying that to you!!! lol) YOU are such a blessing to me and I had a fab time chatting with you too! I'm so excited God has brought you into my life at this point in time - soooo truly perfect! I know He has awesome things in store for you and your gogeous fam this year and I'm stoked that I get to be a part of that! Yay!
Can't wait to see how things progress for us and our families as time goes by!
Sounds like church was mad too!
Love to everyone!
Lus x

Madamx81 said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and that's fantastic to hear! Love hearing clothes bargain stories, i also love Big W clothes ;)

Tam said...

yay for great weekends!! hope this one is another good one for you and your gorgeous family, sweetheart.

happy 100th post :o)