Monday, June 12, 2006

Update on Mum...

Another rollercoaster of a week.

One step forward, two steps back.

I really feel for my Dad. I guess I can go on with life a little easier as I'm not used to seeing tMum and Dad all the time, and its not *always* in my mind, but Dad's been up and down, up and down so much lately. I just hope he doesn't have a mental breakdown.

Mum has been in ward most of this week. A couple of trips back to ICU. It seems to be every couple of days something goes backwards again. Very frustrating. She is back in ICU now - her breathing hasn't been too good. It sucks. Poor Mum is so anxious, bored, frustrated and just wants to come home. I don't blame her. Its been a month today since she went in for her run-of-the-mill hysterectomy, expecting to be out in only 4 days. Its been 4 whole weeks! Gosh. It really sucks.

Dad has been up there 1-2 times every single day. Its really wearing him down. That, plus trying to still work a bit, plus coach his basketball teams, and keep family and friends informed. Poor guy needs a break! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers too. Sometimes I think its even harder on him than Mum.

I just wish Mum could come home, but its going to be a while longer. Maybe a month or more even. I haven't been able to get up there as much as I'd like, as I can't take the boys, so I have to try to go when Greg's here or Dad's there to watch Eli and/or Jai for me. I went to see her Thursday. Hopefully again tomorrow if she's not in theatre or anything. She has a huge wound in her stomach they are dressing and draining and re-dressing every couple of days. This is why she's going to be there so long. It has to be clean before they can skin-graft it and send her home to recover. Sometimes I wonder which is worse - this ordeal or going through chemo?? (but Thank God she has been cleared of the cancer and doesn't have to have that treatment too!)

Mum's lucky to have some awesome awesome friends around her though. With her family living in Townsville though, she needs it. And so does Dad. Her friends are amazing! They have been in there a few times a week, taking a 'visiting hours' shift each day so that that Dad doesn't have to go up twice anymore. I feel so blessed that Mum has such wonderful women and families around her, and I thank God for them. How wonderful the gift of friendship is! Mum's best friend Chris is even going to come up with me so that she can mind Eli while I spend some time with Mum. What an awesome blessing that woman is! God has done amazing things with her. She also just decided that she'll make Greg and I some more dinners/goodies just because we have a new baby! Isn't she wonderful!

Anyway, I've organised with Chris to go to Mum's craft group (where they go together every week) and we're going to scrapbook something special for Mum. All the ladies can contribute something like a note or something on a card, maybe a photo too or a verse or scripture. I'm thinking I might alter one of those lunchpail tins to put them all in? Any other ideas?? Something that is easy to place on the table next to her. I think we'll also scrap a little frame with photos of family and friends and maybe a scripture or other uplifting verse in the middle... any other suggestions??

Well, that's about all. Please keep us in your prayers. Especially my Mum and my Dad. Love yas.


Kelly said...

Dear Nat -
I think that's a wonderful idea. I hope your mum gets better. It's not nice when anybody you love is unwell.
I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Love Kel XXX

Shazz said...

yes 4 weeks is a VERY long time to be in hospital nat and believe me i do know just how hard it is on the family (my sister was in hospital just a little over 4 weeks)
i will keep your mum and your dad and your whole family in my thoughts.


kathie said...

I will be thinking of your Mum. And your Dad. I think the scrap project you have planned sounds great, and a lunch pail sounds idea. I'm sure your Mum will love it.

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Thanks for the update on your family news. I am keeping your parents in my thoughts and prayers. I do hope your mum has a much better week and gets her strengh back ASAP. Yes thank goodness for good friends, they are a blessing aren't they:)

Roz said...

Oh Nattie, your poor mum, and dad. I have them in my prayers everyday, and I am thinking of you very often.

Glad Eli is doing well- will call you to arrange a visit soon ok!

Love you

Evana said...

Oh Nat..this sure is a tough time for your mum and your poor dad. as you said he must be getting exhausted! I will be thinking huge happy healthy thoughts and sending loads of cool vibes out there. Take care. Hugs for you and Eli too.


Madamx81 said...

Hey Nat, thanks for keeping us up-to-date with everything going on. This must be so hard for you at the moment, being so happy to have Eli, but so sad because of your mum. I pray that it all turns around soon and your mum can come home asap. Am i right in assuming she still hasn't seen Eli yet? That must be killing her. BE STRONG :) I'm thinking of you. Luv Hayley.

Nat-Mardon said...

Yep Hayley, she still hasn't seen Eli :(