Thursday, June 22, 2006

Too much to do!

Talk about SWAMPED! I have sooo much to do at the moment, and I don't seem to be making much of a dent in anything at all.... between housework, admin and making calls for church, more housework, scrapbooking and a little more housework, I can't seem to find time to do any of it! Oh yeah, and then there's having a new baby to attend to and keep occupied too! Aahhhh.... My scatter-brain doesn't help either. I start 10 things and then flit and float between them all all day and end up getting none of them finished! Yikes! Brain explosion...

Here's what I have to do: wonder if I can tick anything off today
Wash dishes
Clean bathrooms
Clean up crap that's all over dining table

For church-
Call a few people
Do up newsletter for Sunday
Call a few more people
Battlefield of the Mind study
... oh, and then there's just regualr time with God...

Clean scrap room so I can USE IT
Email and call Mum's friends to help make tin
Decorate tin and inserts

I've decided to alter Mum a smallish lunchbox-style tin. In it I am going to include a little tag-book on a ring that has a tag from each one of her friends and as many family as I can rustle together... so that's a LOT of running around - I just hope everyone co-operates and fast so it doesn't take months in the making... On each tag, I'm going to have a photo, name, and a note to Mum on the back, maybe also a favourite verse, quote or scripture if it fits... so I've got to find who all Mum's friends are and get email addresses/phone numbers to contact them all.... I know she'll love it when its done, I just hope it does get so.

I also went to Mum's craft group yesterday where many of her friends meet each week. In addition to the tin, we're making her a canvas with some small pics of friends and family on it, and the 'Footprints' poem in the centre. It won't be too fancy but it will go with the tin (which will come later)...

Well better go and try and make a dent in that list huh?? Have a great Thursday.

N xx


Shazz said...

do what you have done nat....make a list and mark the things off one by one as they get done. i know that's the only way i got through my early days with my babies. i even added lunch to my list to make sure i ate - some days i did forget.
i am sure your mum will love the effort you and her friends have gone to when she receives her gifts from you.
have a great and productive day xo

p.s. would love a pic of eli in his little suit if you get the chance....hope it fits him

lusi said...

Oh Nat! I totally relate to where you are now and I too used to (and still do) have heaps of lists! It's a great feeling when you CAN cross some of those things off your list but in the meantime, keep surviving girl- in the early days its an achievement just to SURVIVE a day! I'll pray God gives you stacks and stacks of strength today!
Lus x

kathie said...

You plan to do ALL THAT today? With a new baby?
Girl, no wonder you feel like you're going backwards.

My to-do list today was to do the dishes (I had to start them three times!) and mop the kitchen floor.

Give yourself a break. Looking after a tiny baby takes up a LOT of time.


Nat-Mardon said...

Oh NO! Not all in a day! Gosh, I couldn't even do all that with no children! LOL... that's just what needs to be done... this week... whenever.