Monday, July 02, 2007

Day Five

Wow, I can't believe its been 4 and a bit days since my beautiful princess was born. It is still very much sinking in that I have a daughter! I keep smiling to myself and thanking God for this beautiful miracle and answer to prayer.

I want to say thankyou for all the beautiful and heart-warming comments on the birth story etc. I didn't really think I had written it that 'well' or emotionally, but I'm glad you all had those wonderful feelings going through you as you read. It really was such a wonderful experience!! So thanks again for all your precious comments and well wishes.

Lani is settling in really well. We had a spot of wind last night, with a bit of screaming etc, but thankfully it was before my bedtime anyway, so we were just watching some TV. Greg doesn't do too well at the wind crying though - he feels so helpless. After a while, I couldn't tell if it was wind or hunger again (after only like an hour!). So she had another feed (didn't think I would have had any milk, but there sounded like there was plenty!) and then she went straight to sleep. Today I will have to do a bit of reading up on foods to avoid now that I'm breastfeeding again - I forget... (but I don't think all the chocolate ppl have given us helps!)

She slept really well last night. From 9.30pm, she didn't wake till 2am. Typically, I was stirring before then, just waiting for her to wake up! Then she fed again between 5.30-6am (a little doze between each boob) and she's still asleep from then. Pity Eli wakes up about 6.30/7am or maybe I could have had a nice big sleep-in too!

She is feeding really well. I'm surprised that my nipples are not sore anymore, already! I must have it right this time.

She is having 2 really big sleeps during the day so far - like 3 hours or so. She usually has a nice wake time before this. Between the other feeds, she's a bit awake a bit sleep, awake, asleep again.

We can't stop looking at her! She is so beautiful and we are still on Cloud Nine about having our very own little girl to love and spoil. :) Don't get me wrong, the boys are great, but I've always wanted a little princess. And now our family is complete!

We took Lani in to church yesterday morning. She was an angel - of course sleeping right through all the singing and all. But then wanted a feed so I missed most of the sermon, but that's ok!

We have so far received some gorgeous PINK things.. it makes me all happy!! My parents bought a cute pink and green quilt that looks really nice in her bed (not that she's been sleeping in there yet). Its nice to see pink!! And we have pink little bootees, and pink rompers and some pink outfits too! Pink, Pink, Pink.. I love it!!

Anyway, she seems to be hungry again!! It seems a newborn is forever on the boob huh!

Loving my life! Nat xx


Shazz said...

so pleased she is settling in nat and you are settling into the role of mother of a newborn again.
i bid my baby girl farewell this morning for a week's holiday with grandad and nanny so i am more than a little teary at the moment.
hope things continue to go along well for you xxoo

Sandy said...

She sounds like the perfect baby! How blessed you are. And what a wonderful grand-daughter we have. You are a great Mum - and I am sure Greg will work out what to do if she has more wind spasms.

Tam said...

Glad you're enjoying your little princess, honey. And it sounds like she's (mostly) being an angel for you.


Melanie said...

So glad that your prayers were answered and you got a little girl.

Glad to hear she is settling in nicely and is a good sleeper.

Tara said...

Yay for pink! Isn't it just awesome... although I will admit, not being a pink person myself, it took a couple of weeks for it to grow on me, but I love all the pink in my washing now.

ali said...

Hi, I love PINK too!! I had two boys and then a girl, she is nearly 3 and I still love seeing PINK on the clothes line!!Now we are at the stage of clips and pony tails, ballet shoes and fairy ourfits!I love it though, they bring out such a soft side to their daddy's too ! My boys love having a baby sister and are so protective.Gotta love boys too!

Angela said...

Hi Nat, just thought I would drop by and wish you a big congrats...glad you have your baby girl...I don't know where I would be without mine!

Sal :-) said...

So wonderful Nattie, I'm still on cloud nine for you guys too!! My girls are so excited that you have a girl!! And I agree nothing like Pink shopping!! :D

Karen L said...

Congratulations Nat and Greg on the birth of Lani Faith. I am so excited for you both. I know that you are going to have a ball shopping for PINK everything. What a blessing this precious girl is going to be in your family.

Hope I can manage to get to meet her real soon,


jacqui jones said...

oh it sounds like everything is going so well nat..:)
pink pink pink its so much fun.> :)
i have a little something here for u....some beautiful pink things from my girls that they well didnt really wear much...i will pass them on to sal

Neek said...

Its great to have pink after blue isn't it! I had 2 boys first then our own little princess - so reading your post brings back memories! Enjoy it.

Neek :)

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh thanks so much Jac!