Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The baby bonus hasn't come in yet, but already we've done a good job of starting to spend some of it... (well actually we also had our first full pay since Greg started his new job so that would explain some of it too!)...

Lookie what I have!! The NEW Phil & Teds E3 sports double buggy... droooolllll....
After doing it tough for a couple of weeks by restricting myself to only going out when I can leave Eli home with Greg on a Monday, we finally got to go shopping for a very much needed double pram! Secretly we had always wanted this one, but its quite $$ and we hoped we could find one that was a fair bit cheaper but that I was still happy with... well I will tell you know there is NOTHING on the market for those who need a double, that comes at all close to this little beauty... everything else I looked at (tandems and those with a detachable toddler seat) was big, bukly, heavy and just plain awkward!! I could not see myself ever using them or leaving the house again so we decided we'd just bite the bullet and buy the E3... and besides, they do have a good re-sale value on them too... so this is our new toy... lol, I went to KMart yesterday for a couple of things (OK, it was just so I could use my new pram!)... and had a terrible time working out how to use it... lol... even after Greg showing me the night before... No, its not hard to use, I'm just a bit of an unco I think!! So I'll have to get used to it a bit more and then I'll be happy as Larry!

More 'Yummy' is this:

I've never bought this much in one go before and oh it was so great to see it all together, so I just had to take a pic.... some new Love Elsie stuff, a few (ok, there's 140 altogether!) Bella flowers, and some more bazzill in pinks and purples for my girl! Lots of yummy girly papers too... drooollll......

This stash is lucky to be alive though (and so is Jaidyn really!) as Jaidyn managed to knock my coffee all over it as I was having a little drool.... gggrrr.... I was sooooooo devastated/mad/upset etc!! WEll wouldn't you be!! But thankfully only one of the bazzills was completely ruined (and ggrrrr it happens to be the pink that matches my Love Elsie stuff, bummer), and most of the other stuff only has a little on the corner or edge. I had the dryer out though fixing what I could! Good thing I scrap in 8.5 x 11 I say so I can cut the yucky bits off and you won't know...

Can't wait to use some though - now, where to start!!

I couldn't wait for my order to start scrapping though (well I had to wait almost 2 weeks - was not really happy!)... so I managed to scrounge together some girly colours to put this together. The title is gorgeous laser-cut chipboard that my SOF pal Tracey had made for me... yumm... loved using that!!

The Little Miss is 3 weeks old today. Sorry, haven't had a chance to take any more pics of her! Was hoping I might find some time to today - being her 3 week birthday lol... she's as gorgeous as ever and is starting to sleep much better at night. She has her last feed about 10/10.30pm and then only wakes once at about 2am... and then I'm usually up with the boys before she wakes again... this I can handle! Thankyou for being such a good girl for Mummy sweetie!!

She's having lots of wakey time and we just swoon over her! She likes to look around with her big gorgeous eyes and make a litte 'o' with her mouth - so cute...

Had a couple of rough nights with Eli this week. Am pretty sure those nasty 12-month-old molars are rearing their heads... but he won't let me close enough in his mouth to get a good look or feel.... he's had all the classic symptoms though - fever, red cheeks, even some runny poos (can't spell the D word, lol) and just rather whingy.... he's not much liking taking panadol anymore either but once he has it (after sreaming and turning and spitting it on Mummy!) he settles down almost straight away... hopefully they will properly cut soon!

Well, the Little Miss is waking and Eli is getting into mischeif - better attend to these kids hey!!


Sandy said...

Wow - what a beauty of a "pram"! It looks made for speed - can imagine you taking the two babies for a jog with that (lol)....while the weather is still cool enough for that kind of out-door exercise. You'll have to find an "unhilly" area tho...if that is possible in Ferny Hills! That is - if you can bear to tear yourself away from all the gorgeous scrap-booking things. I look forward to seeing some wonderful pages.

Tam said...

Tee hee. You'll get used to getting the pram up. I can do it with my eyes shut now.

And how NICE do all those girly goodies look all together. Bet you're itching to scrap more gorgeous girly pages :)

Lusi ;) said...

omgoodness - that pram rocks!!!!! enjoy getting out and about now :)
and yay for some scrapping goodness!!!! have fun babe!
love that layout of your gorgeous princess!!!
lots of love,
lus x

Katie Toland said...

Wow Nat, you won't know yourself now with that beautiful pram. It will be so much easier to just go out when you need/want to. You'll get so much use out of it, it'll be $ well spent.

Love your scrapping and stash.

Hope Eli gets some relief soon. No fun! My kids hated that baby panadol and couldn't/wouldn't keep it down. We ended up putting them on the 5-9YO one, and the pharmacist just told me how to work out the right amount for their weight. (it was what the hospital used on Liam, when we couldn't get the baby one into him). The other thing we do with Ethy when he won't take it (which is often) is put it in a little juice or milk.

You are doing a great job darl! Enjoy these precious days.

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous LO darl of your sweetpea! How adorable is that title too?!

The pram is waaaaay cool Natti, how swish you must look with your precious bubs out shopping. :-)

Huggles to poor little Eli, teething is so awful. Hugs to his mumma too for all those sleepless nights. Alex is much bigger but keeping us up all the same. *sigh* It was soooo hard to go to work this morning, felt like a zombie.

Love to ya babe
Chrissy x

Rowena said...

Wow Nat - thats one great looking pram. I feel your excitement!!
I am still astounded that you manage to fit sooo much into your days!

Anthea said...

WOW, look at that pram! you wont know yourself, I am secretly holding off taking all 3 boys out by myself, havent done it yet, and hope not to too soon either!!

That stash looks YUMMY!!! I have just ordered some pretties also, though minus the pink, a lot of blues! LOL
cant wait to see some more LOs with it all

Karen L said...

Wow - what a cool looking pram Nat, love the colour too. I am sure it will get lots of use.

Look at that yummy stash of scrapbooking supplies too - looking forward to seeing some awesome layouts from you. I'm glad that not too much damage was done with the coffee, and that most was able to be rescued.
Love the layout of Lani too. What a precious little girl she is.

Cass said...

Great looking pram! And gorgeous layout too. :)

Tara said...

We have that pram, but an older model. We bought it because it was pretty much the only one that would fit in our little hatchback at the time that we had Elisha.

Love it to pieces.

Ooh, look at all that stash. Have fun playing with it.

Amie said...

Hi Nat,
My Phil & Ted is 14months old and I love it.... They are getting really popular now, I notice them everywhere.

You will just love it!!!
Hope you have had a great day,
Amie xx

Jasmine said...

Look at that new stash!!! Now you just need to find a spare few minutes to use it all ;) That layout of Lani is gorgeous.

Love the pram too - it must make life much easier.

Julie said...

Hiya Nat - hopefully the day picked up for you after the shopping trip the other day. Totally LOVE the new pram, very funky and the bright red is an eye catcher. I've always loved getting out of the house and going for a stroll with the kiddo's as babies, was very relaxing, so a really good pram is a great investment.
Gorgeous layout of Lani - look forward to seeing more layouts using that yummo stash.

take care
Julie H xx

Evana said...

Your just getting those molars???? We have had them for a while....grrrr. Poor you. Oh your litttle princess is divine. yummy scrummy!