Thursday, July 05, 2007

SAHM to Three

Looking forward to today. Greg's back at work and I'm on my own with the kids. I love it when Greg's here, but also love my days to myself. Will be interesting to see how we go today with Lani a new addition to our routine! I think more challenging will be rush hour tonight, as Greg probably won't be home till 7pm.

The boys are LOVING playing outside at the moment. In between Eli's sleeps and meals, they are out there all the time! Its great. I can lock them in (shut gate) and don't actually have to be down there with them. Can watch from the balcony every so often, go down to push them on the swings (well Eli) but can still potter around upstairs too. Its great!! So much better with 2 kids!! Even though Eli is only one, he LOVES being out there, zooming around on his trike (and he's FAST!), digging in the garden with Jai, catching bugs, rearranging my pegs (in the bucket, out of the bucket) and playing on the swings. We've decided for Christmas this year, we'll buy big things for outside for the kids... a slide to go on the side of the swingset maybe, a sandpit for the younger two maybe, a swing for Lani (there's a great spot in the tree near the swings!)... maybe a trampoline the year after...

Speaking of toys etc, the Toy Sales start at KMart and Big W today... I was *considering* braving the crowds (hate crowds!) but then I thought about the layby lines!! That's whats the worst!! But there isn't too many things I want anyway, so I might duck in and just BUY some of the Wiggles DVDs that are on special and then get Greg to get the other stuff (with his discount) a bit closer to Christmas. But I need to get Jaidyn some tracksuits and shoes for school next week, so we might just have to go anyway!!

Well, better get onto this housework and kid-watching!! Have a great day xx

** Oh, almost forgot to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Megan and Andrew on the arrival of their little Prince, Joel Callan. Can't wait to see some pics Megs!!

**Edited to add:
Today has not been so wonderfully fantastic after all. Eli seems to be cutting teeth so he's been a real pain, just whinging and crying all day long almost. We went to the shops, and instead of coming home with a tracksuit and school shoes, I came home with some girly muslin wraps and a pink outfit for Lani - oops... trying on shoes DID NOT work with a baby strapped to my front at all - I couldn't feel Jai's toes to see what size he needed etc... and I need shoes for Eli too but just didn't even bother!! Shall have to take Jai back on Monday when Greg can stay home with Eli... I've also had a darn headache all day (all week actually!) - think it must be from not drinking enough water - I try, I do! - and well yeah I'm just worn out. I WILL NOT be trying to go shopping again until we get a double pram - it just does not work and I couldn't have done anything if Jaidyn wasn't there to help...

Anyway, that's just my little whinge. I want to curl up in my warm bed and go to sleep, but alas I cannot. Oh well..... just gotta get through the next few hours...


Chrissy said...

Thinking of you darl on your first day home alone with the kiddies, it's wonderful having them home but it is also good to start getting into a bit of a routine once the hubbies go back to work though hey.

Michael built a fabulous highset tree house for the kids with a big sandpit underneath at the old house. They ADORED it and played in it for hours!! You have such exciting times ahead sweetie!

Love and cuddles to you and the munchkins!
Chrissy xx

PS left a reply to your comment over in the comments section of my blog too babe. :)

Katie Toland said...

Hey Nat. Enjoy your day. My first day home with the two, the TV died :( But we were fine. You're so busy you don't even realise the day slipping by. Great you have Jai home too for a few more days. Sounds like he's a great little helper.

Good luck at the toy sale if you do go. I'll have to check if they are open late, and go after DH gets home I think... or tomorrow, I'm kid free :)

Melanie said...

Nat, Im hoping your day is going well. Its great that the boys play so well together. Must make it easier on you.

Gayle said...

Oh Nat...I can remember goig through the same thing. It will get better..and double prams are great! MAke sure you do still keep going out though and don't confine yourself to home.
Bug Hugs

Melanie said...

Im sure you did great but we don't understand how hard it is til we experience it firsthand.

Hope Eli cuts those teeth soon.

Tam said...

Aw sweet, sorry your day turned out badly :( Hope Eli cheers up and you have a better day tomorrow.

At least you have a new pink outfit to play with :)

Love you. xxx

jacqui jones said...

sorry u didnt have the perfect does get easier...and ihave to say your braver than me it took me ages to go out with both my kids...a year ago lilly was not to be trusted! she used to take off on me thankfully thats over
teeth i hope it cuts soon for u

Chrissy said...

BIG Hugs sweet girl! Feel like going over and mothering you a little now, it's only been *one week* since you gave birth to little Lani, rest up love when you can.

Love to ya babe!!!
Chrissy x

Nic Wood said...

LOL Nat I remember doinig nearly the same thing. Thought after a week I felt fantastic, tried to do too much and felt absolutely exhausted!!! Keep resting beautiful girl, especially while its still holidays and youve got a little helper at home!

Nic xxx
PS she is just the most gorgeous little princess!!!

Katie Toland said...

oh Nat, sorry your day turned out a bit crappy. It will get easier. Give yourself a chance to adapt to it all. You attempted a massive task, just getting out of the house with three kids, don't be hard on yourself. My two have a much larger gap (well 3yrs) and I still try to go to the shops at night so Brett can stay home with the boys!

Take care darl :)

Carolina said...

Sorry to hear your day went south Nat, good thing is that Tomorrow is a new day and with our God anything is more than possible :)

Princess Tamara said...

Big hugs Nat - hope all is well for you, and that your days get better. It sucks when you have one of those rough ones!