Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lots to update

Been flat out the last week! It's busy with 3 kids I tell ya (many of you probably know, or even have more kids!), but I'm still absolutely loving it, and its actually easier than I thought having two babies would be.... that's probably because Lani is still very new and newborns don't do much but feed and sleep, but I'm surprised how well I'm handling things, most of the time.

She is now two weeks old - wow, that time has gone fast! I took some more piccies of my darling yesterday. Some of them were ok... this girl looks so good in pink!! hehe

Today I was very excited to have some special time with my new friend Chrissy. This darling I met through the Scrap of Faith site and blogging (can't remember in which I came across her now though!) and she is jsut the *sweetest soul*!! We have really hit it off. We had a lovely girly day today together. She came over and we just hung out together and played with my babies! (and took pics too!) Love you Chrissy and can't wait to see your gorgeous house and hang out again soon (and get some *better* pics - silly wall huh ;)) Here's us:

And here's Chrissy with my gorgeous little Miss:

And one that Chrissy took of me and my princess too, thanks hun:

And after Chrissy left, I sat down wit ha quiet cuppa and just *had* to have some more of the yummy goodies we ate for morning tea - my blueberry muffins and Chrissy's oh-so-scrumptious chocolate fudge brownies (forgot to get the recipe off you Chrissy!)

We have been SO BLESSED and received so many gorgeous gifts for Lani. It's been so exciting receiving things in the mail from my beautiful scrapping buddies and family abroad. So I thought I'd photograph the things we've received and say thanks again to the lovelies that sent them!
(still have a few gifts that haven't been photographed yet coz they may be in the wash!!)

This *stunning* brush and comb set is from Lani's grandmother - Greg's mum. Oh its so precious! I can't wait to get her a dresser one day to put it on. Her name engraved and all. So beautiful isn't it!

We've got some beautiful little spring/summer outfits that I can't wait to get her into when the weather gets warmer - she's going to be the cutest little girl around!!

This *gorgeous* pink gingham set from Chrissy (and her daughter Emmy!) - so cute. Thankyou so much sweetie:

This adorable set from Katie Toland (and a gorgeous handmade card to go with it!). Thanks Katie :)

And this beautiful bring dress from Ally, love it too. Thanks hun xx

This one from Rozzy she'll get to wear a bit sooner - yay. It's so cute with that little butterfly and the stripes, so scrappable! Thanks Roz and Clint!

This ULTRA girly, frilly one is from a girlfriend Roxy... and it comes with a headband too. We may put her in this one for her dedication I think. Thanks Roxy, if you ever read here...

This special bowl and spoon is from Greg's Gran, so Lani's great-Gran. My Dad and his brother had these bowls and we still use them (well my kids do now!) when we go to Gran and Pop's house to visit. How special :) Thanks Gran.

Today I also received a little parcel from Tracey from SOF. She had someone (a business) lasercut Lani's full name into chipboard!! Its so great, I can't wait to scrap with it, so you'll have to wait till then to see it :) Thanks so much Trace!

I will try to photograph other gifts another time. We have received a few other pretty outfits and a few things from my Mum too which I'll pop together and photo. Will be nice to have pics of them all anyway - maybe can even scrap em!

Oh, I have not blogged in so long that I haven't been able to publicly CONGRATULATE Anthea and Shane on the arrival of little Zachary Tyler, last Wednesday. He's such a cutie too!

Looks like this week I'm flat-out busy too! Had Chrissy here today, my Mum is coming for a visit tomorrow, and I have to go pram shopping on Friday. An old family friend is coming to visit on Saturday. Well, at least the house will stay clean this week! I've had a MAD couple of days cleaning I tell you. Its nice to have visitors though, but I hope to get a few *quieter* days next week just to chill out.

I've been working on canvases for Lani's walls too. Am doing 3 butterflies in pinks and greens. So far they look great, but I still have to do the black outlines, so hoping I don't stuff it up! Her room is coming together nicely. A few more touches needed though, bit by bit. Can't wait till its all done... :)

Well, that's about it for now. No doubt I have more things I wanted to say, so I'll have to update more regularly.

Think I'll go to bed now (after waking that precious babe for some booby first!) xxx


Anthea said...

oh Nat, she is gorgeous!! and all of those little lovelies you have recieved for her, she is a very lucky little girl!!

I am looking forward to seeing some LOs on your blog now too!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely to read your update Nat. I am happy things are going along so nicely and your coping well.

What beautiful presents you have received. It's wonderful to get spoilt isn't it.

Thanks for sharing the new photos. Lani sure does look good in pink, your right. I can't believe she is already 2 weeks old WOW!!!

Your looking so fresh and relaxed Nat, not tired at all. I wish I had looked half that good when my daughter was just 2 weeks old. Your doing so well.

I hope Greg is enjoying his new job and things are going well for him there.

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Tam said...

What a precious, spoilt little girl! Beautiful pressies - she is obviously very loved.

Keep an eye on your letterbox ;)

Anonymous said...

Nat, so glad to hear you are enjoying your busy-ness!! I expect a pic when she's in my outfit, lol! Gee you got some gorgeous things!!
Roz xx

DenimAngel said...

Those pictures are just way gorgeous (giggle). Love seeing all the pretty pink gifts and can't wait for my cuddle.

Jasmine said...

So glad to hear things are going well Nat :) Lani is such a beautiful little girl!

Look at all those gorgeous pressies!!!

Hayley said...

Oh Nat, those pics are so gorgeous. I can't believe how well you are doing, you have 3 of them to look after! I was saying today how i dont know how mums handle things when they are pregnant... i just sleep all the time, i can't imagine how i'd cope with babies too look after - when would i sleep! lol... You are an inspiration :)

Chrissy said...

Hey there sweet girl! THANKYOU again for my lovely day!! I was just so happy relaxing away with you and cuddling your bundle of pink! Who wouldn't?!!! You are both gorgeous company!! Not to mention that adorable one year old munchkin. :-)

Love the bite taken out of the brownie babe LOL just too funny! Will send you the recipe on the weekend, so glad you liked them, hope Greg got a chance to find out if they were yummy or not. hee hee ;)

Much love to you, I feel so lucky to have found this friendship with you hon. It's a blessing for sure!

Love Chrissy x

Nat-Mardon said...

Chrissy I saved one for Greg and even one for Jaidyn too - how thoughtful of me, heehee... was hard not to gobble the yummies up myself thou!! hehe

Julie said...

Hiya Nat - thanks for dropping by my blog. Just wanted to pop over and say Congrats on the birth of your daughter Lani- she is just sweet perfection.
How gorgeous are those little dresses for her!!

take care
Julie H xx

let's fly jetstaaaaaaaaaaar said...

Hun, she is soooooooooo beautiful but you knew i thought that already right! You and Chrissy look like you had such a ball - yuumy brownie treats too - so good!!!!! Can't wait to see the canvasses :)
Thanks for the chatsky!
Love ya's!
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Belated congrats Natti! (Sorry so late, I've been away for a couple of weeks!) Lani is such a beautiful name. I can't believe you delivered her in the car... how incredible!


Karen L said...

Nat what gorgeous photos of Lani - she is just so beautiful. Glad that you and Chrissy had a lovely time together and I can see you are going to have such fun dressing her up in all those beautiful clothes you have been sent.

Jenny Boyd said...

A big congratulations on the creating such an adorable little girl. I have been blog stumbling, and have just fallen in love with little Lani!