Monday, August 22, 2005

An awesome weekend!!

I'm still in recorvey mode (need more sleep) but we had a really awesome weekend at the church camp/retreat. We made new friends and are starting to think that we would definitely like to be a part of this church. Everyone was really welcoming, really open and friendly.

The accomodation wasn't the best, but it was a minor part of the weekend really. We were in a small dorm-style room behind the main hall and next to a mum with 4 boistrous boys... feel sorry for her - they are certainly a handful! They kept me up on Friday night as they came to bed at 10.30pm but were mucking around, yelling, running around etc till about 11.30pm! Poor Mum!! Then the boys were knackered on the Saturday night so I thought I'd get some sleep, but the adults were in the mess hall (right underneath our room), laughing and talking loudly till 12.30pm - my husband included! So not much sleep for me, but I can catch up hey!!

Spiritually, it was really empowering, uplifting and revelationary (is that a word?)... Sunday morning we had a 2-hour prayer session. Everyone was in tears (men included) being moved by the Holy Spirit and it was really one of the most profound spiritual times of my life! We all opened up about what we needed prayer about in our lives and it was so free-ing... Absolutely incredible! We even had a 65-or-so-yr-old give her heart to God! Yay!! It was incredible!

This morning I babysat my friend Karen's little bub (9-month old) Julie. Oh, how cute - baby! Getting clucky again hey! Lol, it surprises me how quickly I had forgotten all the little baby routines and such though... guess you get caught up in where your kids are at the moment...

Have a semi-busy week ahead. Didn't get to the gym today coz I was babysitting, but I'm going to try to go after my Crafty Kids training in the morning... and a couple more times in the week - I really just gotta do it! Have to really get my class samples ready too as I have a few classes coming up over the next 2-3 weeks... and hopefully I'll also pick up some Crafty Kids demos after I have my launch, and be happily busy!

Nat xx


Roz said...

GLad you had a nice weekend Natti, and got heaps out of it!!

What does Greg think about your cluckiness?? lol!!

R xo

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh Roz - he's MORE clucky than me!! LOL!!