Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just broadening my horizons...

No Rozzie, you haven't 'lost' me to the world of beading.... I'm just expanding my hobby a little... especially now while my camera is not working and I have nothing to scrap... my eyes are just wandering around, seeing what else I can spend money on..... lol... I'll still always be a scrapper - now just to get me that Rebel hey!!

What a day we had bead shopping! I tell you, I am soo over looking at beads for one day! We started out at Spotlight and bought tools and findings there, but waited for beads till we got the the proper bead shop... well, we spent almost 2 hours there I swear! It was so hard to decide what we wanted to start with... and the lady there was not much help either... you'd think she would try to sell us beads hey, well she told us to buy this techniques book then come back later to buy beads when we work out what we want to make - weird... especially when we asked her what beads to get coz we really wanted some! She was just really UNhelpful... which made it harder! But we came home with a few selections and best of all some ideas from what she had made in the cabinets - some LOVELY stuff, but most of it with the really $$ beads too... I told Hayley that just starting out I think we should start with the cheaper beads until we have the hang of it a bit and can really make REALLY nice things with the more expensive ones... there were so many really pretty ones though... I ended up getting some nice pink and green ones to make a necklace with (inspired by one she'd made)....... so we're over it for one day.... so now Thursday we'll just start making some stuff! Nice! Hope it doesn't get too frustrating then! The joys of a new venture hey!

Got out Ladder 49 to watch tonight... yummm, LOVED that movie... did you all?? We usually go out to a church group Tuesday nights and its not on tonight so I took opportunity of the $1 DVDs.... Greg hasn't seen Ladder 49 yet and I loved it so much so can't wait to watch it with him and have some quality cuddling time too!

Have a great night all xxx

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Roz said...

Well I'm glad you're still 'our' gal then Natti!! lol!
I haven't seen Ladder 49 yet- what have I been doing??!!! lol
Hope you and Greg had a good night together :o)