Saturday, August 13, 2005


Well today I am getting my butt into gear about applying for jobs. Been talking to a few people about supply teaching and the money is too good to not get myself into it - and now! (about $250 a day!)... so right now, I'm writing out app letters, searching the web for schools I want to apply to (the Christian schools mainly) and then on Monday I will have to work out After School Care arrangements I will need to make for Jaidyn. Fact is, we're not earning much with me being home, and I'm a fully trained teacher now so I just gotta get out there - and the money will really help... sure, supply isn't guaranteed work, but it's more than I have right now.

Also, from speaking yesterday of no battery charger, Greg informed me that ALDI has one on special next week... it's only $10 so even if it's crappy, it's hardly wasted money... so I'll get one next week and then get back into taking some photos coz I haven't in soooo long....

Going to the gym this morning... need to.... Body Step class (will probably kill me!) 9.05am... then home for a shower and some lunch, then have to take Jaidyn to a friends b'day party at Maccas... while he's there, I'm heading to Target.... how yummy was the new catalogue... I'm especially interested in the shoes today, as they have size 11's and I know they'll go soon, so I'm going to get in early (just hope they fit now!)... might have to try on some of the gorgeous new patterned gypsy skirts.... in aqua/brown or pink/brown of course... I have a few of them circled in my catalogue... I want it all!! Yumm!!

N xx

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Roz said...

yay about the battery charger!! you have to get it!!

And how nice does all the Target stuff look???